The Fastest Growing, Disruptive Startups in 2020

Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Growth hacking. Many disruptive startups engage in this. They grow as quickly as possible, so they can improve their services through scale, and so that they can disrupt the industry that they're in. The best investments and the best companies are often the fastest growing, and by looking at growth, you can often see which company is going to be the most successful.

So, in 2020, which startups are going to be the fastest growing?

1. Betterment

A millennial investment platform, Betterment is acknowledging the fact that millennials are investing differently from prior generations. Most millennials don't have large chunks of money to invest, but the still do want to invest. And that means that they need to be offered opportunities to invest in smaller amounts.
So, Betterment makes it possible for millennials to get investment advice, engage in cash management, and invest towards their personal goals. It replaces a financial advisor and makes it possible for people to start investing now, with the information that they have. 

2. Starry Internet

Starry Internet is growing fast because it's offering consumers a service that they desperately needed. Rather than having to deal with an unwieldy internet contract, customers are able to instead get a no contract, low rate, no fuss, reliable and high speed internet service. This is the service that customers really want, and it's something that they haven't been able to get so far.
Traditionally, internet services are procured through old technologies such as telecommunications lines and cable lines. These technologies are great on their own, but they're often linked to a landline phone contract (which no one uses) or a cable contract (which no one uses). Internet services had to change eventually, and that change is occurring through the services provided by Starry Internet.

3. Instacart

Grocery shopping has been changing. Grocery delivery services like Instacart and Shipt are making it possible for people to shop at home. And that makes it possible for them to save money, surprisingly, because they can organize everything that they need, and they don't impulse purchase. Through Instacart and other grocery-related services, people are able to track coupons and deals with ease. And because a lot of people are using it, other companies such as Amazon are getting in on the grocery game. 

4. Blue Apron

Not just specifically Blue Apron, but consider: Home Chef, Marley and Spoon, Hello Fresh, and much more. Meal delivery services are genuinely disrupting the way that people cook, in no small part because many people actually don't know how to go grocery shopping and cook anymore. These delivery services make it possible for people to follow simple recipes, without having to invest the time into thinking about their meal planning.

In a world where people are busier than ever, services like Blue Apron really matter.
Fast growth isn't everything, but it is a lot. If a company is growing quickly, it's time to consider that it may be a truly disruptive enterprise, and that it may change the way that people live and work. The above startups are absolutely the ones to watch if you want to see the direction that industries are currently changing.


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