Jeep Trail Ride at Windrock Park Tennessee

Wednesday, September 11, 2019
We have visited Windrock Park multiple times, at least twice a year for few years. Have always had an amazing time there. Even though we go frequently, there's always something to do there like sight seeing, off-roading, camping and picnic. 

Last summer we had a fun adventure day at Windrock Park  to celebrate The Jeep Crews Anniversary. Everyone who attended was up to the challenge for 4 very difficult trails and 2 of the moderate trails We all made it out safe and no break downs. A big thanks to Jeep Crew founder for leading the adventure. Trail conditions have changed so much recently it was great to have someone lead who had experienced the trails in the days before. 

A line-up of Jeep while waiting for the trails ride.

Visit Point Mugu State Park

Monday, August 26, 2019
This is our first time hiking the trails in these beautiful Santa Monica mountains. We got to the trailhead soon after finding ample parking on the side street.  We loved the fact that it did not feel crowded. We were hiking alone most of the time. At a couple of spots we passed hikers coming back but pretty much you're on your own. 

The trail is moderately easy for most of the length, with a few fairly steep sections. Suitable for any age group. The initial climb is steep , go right for the longer gentler ascent or go left for the steep and shorter climb you can also just do a loop.

Picture of the trail during this spring's Super Bloom. Easy hike to lookout. Don't miss this beautiful trail.
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