Passport to paradise — 10 Jamaican travel tips

Monday, February 18, 2019

Jamaica is the land of wood and water and an inspirational island nation just a stone’s throw from many US locations.

But spending two weeks within the walls of a resort won’t let you experience the authentic, awesome vibes of Jamdown.

So if you want a passport to paradise, these 10 Jamaican travel tips offer an immersive adventure.

1. Mosquito protection 
Mosquitos can be problematic in Jamaica and occasionally carry nasty viruses like Dengue, so protect yourself and your family by buying Avon Skin So Soft bug spray — it’s very effective.

2. Sunscreen 
Jamaica’s hot and humid, so sunscreen is mandatory — make sure you carry a rated product like Coola Classic sunscreen lotion SPF 50 or Olay Sun facial sunscreen SPF 35+.

Visit Santa Barbara Art Chromatic Gate Installation

Sunday, February 10, 2019
Have you ever wanted to just walk under the rainbow?  How about actually touching it?!  Why not when visiting Santa Barbara's beaches. Designed by famed Herbert Bayer, an artist and architect who lived and created around the globe.  This structure is especially fun to look at as you stand at the beach and watch the clouds pass over the mountains to the east of Chromatic Gate.

This massive piece of work with Unicorn colors is very intriguing with the way the arches are in 90 degree angles.  One of my favorite spots for any photo ops since it's literally across the street from the beach, you get an awesome sunset view as well. Enjoy what this piece of art has to offer on a breathtaking beautiful weather of California. There's lots to do here.

The gate looks great from either side for pictures. Some people can really spend a lot of time taking pictures there. It's really quite photogenic on a clear blue sky day.
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