Visited the Joshua Tree National Park

Monday, April 1, 2019
If you are a long time follower of my blog you can tell, we like a quick getaways from where we're at. Because California offers so many beautiful destinations within a few hours drive. We decided to visit  Joshua Tree National Park located at southeast from LA. As we begin to enter the park we notice red rock formations and obscure shapes that are so powerful. 

The desert of Joshua Tree is world renowned for good reason. These lands are special simply because they are untouched and naked with real energy. It is a deep and very healing experience to relax in breathtaking desert. No wonder why so many artists, musicians and spiritual enthusiasts flock here. Joshua Tree is the ideal place to explore personal retreats, nourish and satisfy your body, mind and soul. It is a true mecca of profound healing.

It is a deep and very healing experience to bask in the vast breathtaking desert.

Visiting Lake Elsinore California for Poppies Superbloom

Sunday, March 24, 2019
It rained a lot in Southern California last winter that have caused a so-called Superbloom of wildflowers.  Lake Elsinore was the first place to experience an abundance of flowers.  Its about a 90-minute drive from both Los Angeles and San Diego. The bloom in Lake Elsinore started the last week of February.  Now the hillsides are carpeted in velvety orange, California poppies are beautiful and rare.  This year it had really vibrant bloom  mainly because of the right amount of water and the right soil temperature. As a result, tens of thousands of visitors have flocked to see a superbloom of poppies.  

This town has been overwhelmed by Disneyland-size crowds and the traffic has come to a complete stop on Interstate 15 passing by the flowery hillsides.  Few days later the city reopens the access to the fields after the massive crowds incident. Then, we decided to make a trip here to see what the poppy fields look like and take photos and see nature that we’ve never seen before so worth it.

Wildflower super bloom becomes California town's "apocalypse".
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