A day Trip to the Grand Canyon Arizona

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The Grand Canyon is absolutely stunning, and it is a bucket list item for many people. Our little boy recently got to cross it off of his list. My husband and I had both been to the Grand Canyon couple times before but never as family. We were excited to share this experience with our son, who is a very content little traveler.  We were there for such a short time and during the pandemic. So we decided to keep it simple and just do sight-seeing. 

We loved exploring the South Rim of the Grand Canyon during fall season, and the weather is perfect time to go with our baby, who's only nine months old at that time. We will definitely go back for a full canyon adventure someday. Overall, such a fun experience for the whole family!


Our little Adventurer 

Enjoying the Snowy days

Monday, March 1, 2021

This year we had a cold and snowy winter, which was unusual, especially in middle of Tennessee. In fact, I think the whole country had a rough winter. The recent massive snow storm brought the record low temperatures, ice and snow across the country - has left millions of Americans without power. 

We got a good amount of snow over the weekend and had such a great time playing in it. We don't always get a lot of snow out here, so when it does come we make sure to enjoy it while it lasts.  Whether you’re wrapped in a blanket on your couch or out playing in the snow, there’s wintry inspiration all around us, and always something to share with our family.

Making memories with family is what life is all about.
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