Why Do Travel Lovers Get So Hooked On Florida?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Florida: it’s one of the most celebrated and weirdest states in the Union, famed for its warm weather, unpredictable climate and political divisions. It’s also home to some of the US’s most famous attractions. Articles have been written on the literal addiction that people have to the state, thanks to attractions like Disney World.

But what makes it such an obsession for people who love travel? Let’s take a look.

It’s Crammed With People

Florida has a very different feel to most states, especially rural ones. For starters, it’s crammed full of people: more than 20 million live in the thin peninsula, barely 70 miles wide in some locations. Furthermore, those 20 million are joined every year by an additional 100 million tourists, generating an exciting party atmosphere and creating a cultural melting pot like nowhere else. You can find people of practically every background there.

It’s Peppered With Clubs

If you love leisure, then Florida is the place to go. The state is famous for hosting practically every kind of sport imaginable. And because it’s a tourist destination, taking part is easy. You could join a boat club, go jet-skiing, take up archery, or try yachting. What’s more, these clubs are located all over the state, from Miami to Orlando, to the less popular Jacksonville in the north.

Florida Has A Checkered History

Seasoned travelers like going to places with fascinating histories. They want to see how they produced some of the most famous and infamous people in history. Florida has generated more than its fair share of interesting characters. The state, for instance, is home to Richard Nixon, famous for the Watergate scandal.

It’s also the home of the serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy’s story is particularly interesting. Not only did he represent himself in court, but he also proposed to one of the witnesses while she was in the stand and she accepted.

It’s Home To Miami, A City Founded By A Woman

How many cities were founded by women? Not many. But Florida’s most famous city, Miami, was founded in 1875 by Julia Tuttle, a woman connected to the emerging railroad industry. She thought that Miami would be a great city because of its beautiful location and the fact that it could act as a centre for commerce between the Latin American world and the North of the US.

Florida Is Home To The Space Race

Nothing in history captured people’s imaginations more than the space race of the 1960s and the Apollo programme. Florida was at the centre of it all.

Cape Canaveral, the launch site for many of the most famous US missions to space, sits right at the heart of the state. Built in 1962, it is still in use today. Elon Musk has launched his rockets from there and publicly stated that he would feel terrible if they exploded and damaged the launch pad, given the great importance he ascribes to the location.

Although it only hosts private missions now, Cape Canaveral's importance is still etched into the fabric of the nation and the place where the era of space-faring humans was born.


  1. I've never been to Florida but my cousins live there and it's definitely on my list even more now! Love that Miami was founded by a woman.

  2. I have so much family in Florida. I never ever want to live there but it sure is fun to visit there as much as we can.

  3. I'm biased because I live here - but I LOVE Florida. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

  4. My uncle just moved to florida (sorta, he also kept his home in PA for hunting season lol) but he has been trying to get everyone to move down there with him.

    1. It was really a very beautiful state if you don't mind the humid weather and the cost of living. But overall if you are a beach lover this is a happy place to be.

  5. How did I not now either of those things about Ted Bundy. Next time we're in FL, I'll hit my husband with some weird trivia.

  6. I never really thought about it, but Florida is a travelers dream spot! There is a ton of stuff to do!

  7. Florida is so popular. I'd love to visit in the future. The beaches and summer feel are so attractive!

  8. I'm a Floridian :) I grew up along the white sand beaches of the Panhandle, but fell in love with the culture and bustling way of life in South Florida (Miami).

    Madelain | http://www.wheremyheartwanders.com

    1. Lucky you that Panhandle is for me the most quiet and laid back beach we have been. South Miami is pretty too but very busy.

  9. I have lived in Florida and I can attest to it's marvelous beaches, many places to go and things to do like the space center and Disney. I did not know Miami was discovered by a woman, cool.

  10. I have been to Florida a couple times and really enjoyed it! I can't wait to go back again, thanks for sharing!


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