Travel Storage Hacks

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The summer is the most popular time for travel in the year, and thousands upon thousands of people are leaving the country and traveling across the world every single week. If you are looking at going for a holiday this month, here are some of the essential travel storage hacks you need to know right now.
Scan it

The most annoying thing to do when you are going through the airport in the morning is having to carry loads of pieces of paper. To save you the aggro, you can instead scan everything onto an app on your phone and have the digital copies right in your pocket. This will mean that you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything because it will all be right there for you to use.

Clever packing

More of us are traveling light when packing your luggage. Make sure that you take the time to pack it in a clever ways with the best carry-on luggage. You will want to roll up your socks and leave them in your shoes. Roll your clothes rather than folding them, and make sure you bring your beauty products in travel size containers to save you having to bring the huge bottles with you on the trip.


Getting your money for a holiday can be incredibly stressful if you leave it until the last minute and have to go and queue up at the airport. There are two ways you can save this wait, and the first one is to make sure that you get the money in advance. The post office or even your local supermarket will have a bureau de change so you can get your money a week or so before you go away. You can also think of ditching cash altogether and instead take out a travel credit card for the trip!

Car trip

The best thing you can possibly do if you are traveling by car is to get to yourself a roof rack from 4WD Supacentre and get a storage box on the roof. The space you will save inside the car will be amazing and it means that you can bring more things with you. You can also attach a bike rack to the car and take your bikes with you for an active adventure holiday.

Pack a lunch

The time waiting at the airport can be stressful and you will often want to buy everything in sight at the airport. To stop yourself from getting carried away at the airport, make sure that you pack a lunch before you leave and bring this with you. It will save time and money, and it will ensure that you have at least eaten something before you get on the plane.

Pack light

Don’t pack your whole wardrobe for a holiday! It is always tempting to pack as many new things as you can when you go on holiday, but make sure not to go crazy. It is tempting to over pack when we go away, but when you over pack you will just end up paying for extra weight that you don’t need and you won’t even wear half of the things that you take with you.


  1. Great storage ideas, I'm saving this for when we travel later this year too!

    1. Thank you, stay in touch for more helpful tips like this.

  2. Perfect timing. We are packing for the weekend now!

  3. Traveling next week for one day, need these tips.

    1. Nice helpful ideas like this are very useful especially to those who travels a lot. have a safe travels!

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