Must have camping accessories for truckers

Friday, June 22, 2018
For many, nothing beats setting off on a road trip and pitching up camp where ever you like for a night beneath the stars. Truckers have the distinct advantage of being able to carry plenty of camping accessories while also utilizing the layout of their trucks. Read on to discover which items you simply have to make your next camping trip in your truck the best one yet.

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Pickup truck air mattress
Sleeping on the ground isn’t for everyone, so why not make sure you are comfortable during your camping expedition? Air mattresses that are specifically designed for pickup trucks fit into your truck bed and are made to go over the wheel wells for maximum comfort.

Truck bed tent
Protect yourself from the elements with a convenient Truck Bed Tent. There are several different types available, and each has been designed to fit perfectly over and around the cargo bed area of trucks. has a handy review guide to help you choose the best one for your camping trip.

Hitch mounted grill
All this traveling is certain to make anyone hungry and camping is all about the char-grilled goodness of campsite food. Hitch that barbecue right onto the back of your truck and enjoy tasty meals wherever you set down for the night.

Portable camp shower
Camping has changed a lot in the last few decades, and it is no longer considered the pastime of the great unwashed. A five-gallon camping shower can be bought for less than $10 and easy to carry around and use when you feel the need for a good clean. Pressure showers are more expensive, retailing at around $50, but these can provide a steady flow of water for several minutes, mimicking an indoor shower.

Pickup truck cooler
You are going to need somewhere to store all that delicious barbecue food, and any drinks you want to take, and a pickup truck cooler provides the solution. Trucker coolers can be secured to your vehicle and some coolers can keep food and beverages cold for up to eight days using just one load of ice.

A heater
It’s not always advisable to start setting up camp fires unless you are staying in a designated camping area with safety procedures in place to prevent fires from spreading into wild areas. Therefore, during those cold nights camping, be prepared by taking a truckers’ camping heater.

A great quality sleeping bag
You may be spending many nights on the road, and a substandard sleeping bag could mean a restless night’s sleep. Driving while tired is not a sensible option, so make sure you get enough sleep by investing in a quality sleeping bag. When shopping for sleeping bags, research the insulation. Synthetic insulation can be a good a choice as the layers trap air providing heat. Synthetic insulation also dries quicker than natural fibers as they tend not to absorb much water.

Internet Connection
Internet is part & parcel of life nowadays, and going away without it seems unthinkable. When out and about, you can use a mobile hotspot to create a WiFi network that cellular data to connect to the internet via your mobile carrier’s wireless LTE or 5G network. There are plenty of options, including using specifically designed internet for truckers where Truckers can connect their devices to the mobile hotspot to access the internet, giving them piece of mind when on the road. 

Now you know what you need for your next camping trip, stock up that truck and get going!

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  1. We drive a truck every time we travel. I like the idea of accessorizing your truck based on your needs. Traveling can be very expensive how great it is you don't have to spend a lot for hotel stay.

    1. I agree with you hotels can be very expensive especially on some popular city. Its always a good ideas to have a reliable travel truck or car that you can take wherever you go.


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