5 Traveling Tips that Will Make Your Life Easier

Saturday, March 10, 2018
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Planning your next big trip? You must be excited. But amidst all the fun and craziness, there are a few important things that need to be taken care of beforehand, especially if your overseas trip is going to be long. Many of these errands assure that you have a relaxing trip, rather than a wrecked one. Other than the usual passport and visa renewals, here are a few things that you need to sort out before any major plans:

1. Sorting Out the Paper Work
Now we are not talking about the usual visa and passport stuff, we are talking about being prepared for everything. For international travels, it is wise to keep a digital copy of your passport with you and leave an extra copy back home, in case you encounter an emergency. Based on your trip, you can also register your trip with the embassy itself. If you plan to rent a car or drive on your overseas trip, it is vital that you sort out an international driving permit (IDP). All this necessary paperwork needs to be taken care off in order to avoid any inconvenience while you travel. 

2. Getting Vaccinations and Prescriptions
A quick way to ruin your trip is to ignore this step. While it may be the last thing on your mind, you need to get yourself in-tune before any exotic travel plans. This includes vaccinations if needed, prescriptions so that you can buy your medications abroad with ease, along with a verified doctor's letter, in case you need to carry your medication with you. All this takes time, therefore, they must be worked on from the beginning of planning. 

3. Securing Things Back Home
A long trip requires being more responsible about your stuff back home and making prior reservations in order to ensure proper safety. Usually, asking a friend, family or neighbor to look after your house appears to get the job done, but in case no one comes to the rescue or you just want some better options, then a self-storage unit can serve the purpose. This tip came from experts at Bronx storage units. Pack your valuable stuff and leave it at a storage unit. 

4. Stocking Up Your Wallet
From conversion rates, to local currency and even deciding what credit cards to take along, be very vigilant when it comes to stocking up your wallet. Make sure that your credit cards will work in the country you are visiting and also that your bank doesn't freeze your card as you start using it abroad. If your trip involves multiple destinations, be mentally prepared for the exit/entrance fees and track down the nearest conversion centers to the place where you will be staying. Last, but certainly not the least... 

5. Pack Wisely
The more you pack, the more you will suffer, therefore keep the essentials at hand distance and pack them when the time is right. Keep a check on your destination's weather, so that you can pack accordingly. If your trip involves multiple stops, feel free to dispose of items that you won't be needing any further. And as you plan out what to carry and what not, don't forget those adapters and converters for your electrical appliances.

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  1. I REALLY need to learn how to pack better. I always overpack and my luggage is too heavy.

  2. This are excellent tips. My daughter and my suffer from asthma and we have to have that on every trip. We tend to pack light, because with 3 daughters we love to shop and we always buy clothes locally. I just need to make sure we don’t buy to much, because luggage cost always hit us in the trip back.

  3. Planning is a must for traveling! These are things that are so important to take care of before going on a trip. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are all great tips! While we don't travel often, we hope to soon and these will come in handy.

  5. All such good tips! I have a lot of things I am preparing for this summer and I need to be on top of it all!

  6. I love that you mentioned securing things at home. A lot of the times you're so focused on getting away that you forget you need the place to come home to, to be safe.

  7. Great tips! I find it so stressful to get ready for holidays with there being 6 of us. I end up over packing and leaving the house in a real state!


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