The Best Hidden Restaurants Across The Wonderful Food-Oriented States

Friday, February 2, 2018
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Sometimes travelling to experience adventure is not enough. Sometimes you need it to be more targeted. This means that heading on a food adventure and allowing your taste buds to do the talking should be the real scope of your holiday. If you’re a foodie, then beginning a food vacation can be a wonderful thing to experience. But what restaurants should you pay a visit? There are so many across the entire great United States of America that it can be hard to choose. You might feel like a spoiled kid in a candy shop, with too many things to choose from.

Never fear, because this guide should help you identify the best places to eat this summer as you trek across the food-loving States.

Blue Water - San Diego

If you’re a fan of Sea Food, then heading to the fresh fish restaurant Blue Water is all you need. Staying in the local Hotel Republic San Diego and walking to the restaurant is a trip you’ll memorize fast, because it will like become the only route you need while visiting this state. This restaurant has a 4.5 rating on Tripadvisor and full points for food quality and taste. Offering up fresh halibut, clams, mussels, chowder, oysters among others, and served in well presented taco’s if you please, this restaurant is the best for getting a taste of the ocean if you’re in the area.

St Elmo Steak House - Indiana

If you’re a fan of eating at a true and authentic steak house with large slabs of well seasoned and smoked meat, St Elmo’s Steak House is one of the best offerings you can find. Not only does the restaurant make the most of its interior space, but the service is second to none. Due to how great the food is and how popular the venue is, it can sometimes be relatively noisy, but there’s no place to enjoy like a place offering some of the finest cuts of steak on offer. The restaurant makes use of liberally generous and large amounts of sides, dips, nachos among others to make a purely homemade carnivores dream come true.

Daniel Fine Dining - New York City

Heading to New York always offers a wide array of culinary experiences, but Daniel’s could rank at the very top of that list (which is truly saying something.) If you hope to enjoy a full culinary experience then visiting this Michelin starred restaurant could net you some truly revolutionary tastes. From lobsters to lamb shanks to even vegan Michelin star options, the restaurant has premium food without the premium snobbery that goes along with it. While fine dining is sometimes out of the price range of many, Daniel manages to be worth every penny while still not charging extortionate fees for their wonderful creations. You can tell the people working at Daniel care, and for this reason they rate highly on our list.

Visiting one or all three of these restaurants are sure to give you the taste sensation you’ve been longing for, so what are you waiting for?

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