Traveling with your dog - challenges and tips

Thursday, January 4, 2018
In case you’re looking at the picture above and wondering, the answer is no. That’s not how you travel with your dog! A lot of people love the prospect of traveling with their dogs as it can add more thrill to your adventures. You also don’t have to worry about leaving them alone and flying off to another country when they are with you. But the best part of it all? It also gives your little friend a chance to bond with you and explore the world. So, if you’re thinking of taking them along on your next trip, here’s all that you need to take care of. 

Crating your dog
Crates are a great way to keep your pooch safe while traveling, be it by car or by airplanes. You don’t want them to get hurt or create a havoc, which usually happens on leaving them open. However, be gentle with them while crating instead of shoving them inside. Make them feel positive about the whole idea and ensure that you keep enough supply of water in the crate as well as feed them healthy food during breaks so they do not go hungry. To facilitate that need you may want to check out some Nutra Thrive for Dogs reviews to see if this would be a good food option for your travels. If they get sufficient ventilation and space inside the crate, they’ll hardly bother you when you’re walking away.
Tip: Make sure they have exercised enough before entering the crates.

Road trips by car
While this may seem like an amazing idea, it comes with a whole set of challenges that you might as well be prepared for. Crating is very important when it comes to car travel, especially if it’s a long journey towards the destination. This way, you can be relaxed as there'll be no threat of your dog sticking its head out of the window, distracting you from driving or becoming a projectile if you have to stop all of a sudden. When you’re stopping by or taking rest, allow your dog to come out with you and get the excess energy out of their system. Then, once you've reached your destination, you will want to ensure they get a good drink of water and their dinner of Superfood Complete dog food to enable them to settle well into the new environment.

Tip: Don’t feed your dog before or while car travel as they tend to suffer from motion sickness.

Airplane travel
While hopping on a plane with your furry buddy is pretty much smooth, you do need to get some homework done before the day arrives. The reason being- most airlines have set guidelines and rules for traveling with pets which might differ from the other. These include health certificates and other restrictions for dogs of certain breeds and sizes so if you don’t want to be shocked at the airport, make the calls and don’t forget to do your research.

Tip: Crate your dog beforehand so that your time at the airport is less chaotic.

Medications and Calming therapies
Not all dogs as calm like zen. They tend to become anxious about seeing new people or getting exposed to new places. Although it’s quite natural for you to get tempted to give them sedatives that have a calming effect, you should totally avoid them as, like humans, even dogs have a risk of getting addicted to this pattern, needing unnecessary meds every time you travel. Instead, go for natural sources like CBD (Cannabidiol) oils and give your dog a good massage right before leaving your house. Do carry any medicines that your dog’s health demands otherwise. 

Tip: Rubbing the CBD for dogs on their spine or giving them a deep tissue therapy always helps.

Lodging and Stay
You can have everything in place but if your accommodation plans do not suit your dog, your trip is less likely to be as you imagined it, so before you book the hotels, make sure they have the required facilities for pets and mainly if dogs are allowed at all. Some hotels allow only a few breeds and sizes so be sure about that too. Look for hotel options where there’s enough space for you to walk your dog, be it in the parks or by the pool. From your end, make sure that no damage is caused to the property and that your furry friend doesn’t create a mess that’s too huge for the staff to handle or clear up.

Lastly, we know that traveling with your dogs can be fulfilling and exciting for both of you. It’s something you’ll cherish for life, so remember that even little uncertainties can end up becoming great problems in your journey. The great news is, you can back yourself up with as much information as you can in order to have a safe and sound journey. The more you know, the more hassle-free traveling with your buddy will be.

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  1. This is great advice for those with pets! We used to always kennel ours , loving these options!

  2. OMG, I have always wanted to. Not many places you can though minus hotels. Worth reading for.

  3. Great advice! We’ll be getting dogs soon and this will be handy to know.

  4. This is great advice I will pass this along to my aunt who is traveling and doesn't want to kennel her dog.

  5. I have noticed that so many more hotels are accepting and WELCOMING dogs - goody bags and all! Love it!

  6. It is definitely more fun to travel with dogs. Glad to know this

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