Working With Your Wanderlust: Getting Into The Hospitality Game

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Most of the time, vacationing once or twice a year is not enough to satisfy those with strong wanderlust cravings, and a life on the road isn’t feasible because, well, what will you do for work. It is one of the most gut-wrenching, heart-squeezing and nerve-jangling internal battles anyone can try to overcome. The desire to to see another part of the world without the means to do so. Or so you thought.

You see, for every wall that gets in your way, you have got to whittle a ladder and, in this case, getting into the hospitality game could be the ladder you are looking for. Think about it. You could move to that little place you have always gone on vacation to and make your dream of living there a reality.

It could be that you convert an old barn, create a standout campsite from bell tents, yurts and teepees, or buy an existing B&B hotspot and make it your own. If you are thinking bigger, much bigger, and want to go full-scale with your dreams then speaking to someone like Dalwadi Hospitality Management could be your best option. If, however, you are excited by the prospect of keeping things small, and running a quaint little place with jam-jar candles then read on for our top tips and tricks.

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 Make Your Property Perfect

Whatever route you decide to go down - bell tent campsite in Iowa or small B&B on the Oregon coastline - the best thing you can do is focus on the quality you offer. That is what will build trust, see clients come back, bring in rave reviews and create happy memories. So long as everything you offer is of the highest quality then you will be cruising down the highway and heading for success. The linens you use on the bed, the luxury bathroom, the outdoor shower, the high-end barbecue grill and al dente cinema screen. Whatever your idea, make it as best you can. 

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Being Unique Is Best

More and more people are following the millennial trend of spending money on experiences rather than things. That is why we urge you to offer something unique. It could be the vistas you can offer, the fact your campsite is in a glade in the middle of a magical wood. It could be that you have old wooden kayaks the guests can use to explore the lake you back onto, or even a converted double-decker bus that sleeps four. Anything that has a bit of ‘wow-factor’ will help you stand out and become spoken of.

This Is A Business, Remember That

You have gone down this route because you are passionate about the place and the chance to share its magic with others. That is so important in business, but it will only get you so far. In order for this dream to become a long lasting reality, you need to understand what makes a business successful. That means creating a snazzy website, establishing a brand that people will connect with, coming up with engaging content and imagery that will stand out from the crowd and knowing how to use social media in your favour. It will also mean learning how to be efficient when it comes to change over days, having everything you need on sight and what sort of help you may require in the day to day operations. The other thing that becomes extremely valuable in this industry is relationships; both with customers, suppliers, providers, local businesses and online influencers. So, if you feel out of your depth on this front, do your research first and then take the leap.

It is possible to live out your wanderlust dreams, it is just a matter of finding a way. 


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