Surprising Ways To Enjoy A Visit To Kentucky

Thursday, September 14, 2017
The US has so much to offer in terms of travelling, and it can be hard knowing where to go next. There are the more obvious destinations, of course, but once you have already done most of those you might well want to go somewhere a little different. The truth is that there are plenty of destinations which people altogether forget about when they are planning their holidays. As it happens, Kentucky is the perfect example of such a setting. If you are looking for somewhere to go which you might not have considered, but which can offer you plenty, Kentucky might be a great choice.

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See The Birth Of The Country

Well, kind of. Kentucky is home to the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, without whom it simply would not be America. In the small town of Hodgenville, you can visit the simple log cabin in which he grew up. This is a reconstruction, but it is on the original site, and provides a fascinating glimpse into some real American history. There are a couple of other log cabins nearby too, some of which were other Lincoln households at different stages during his life. If you want to get a feel of the history of Kentucky - and the country as a whole - Hodgenville is a great place to put on your list.

Relive The Prohibition

When you think of the 1920’s prohibition, it is likely that New York is the place which immediately springs to mind. However, there are many places all over the country which still show signs of this fascinating and not that distant part of our history, and Kentucky is one of them. If you visit the town of Lawrenceburg, you will be able to treat yourself to some Gatsby-themed drinking establishments with a real speakeasy air about them. You might even decide to stop by one of the many distilleries or breweries the town is known for - and why not come away with a little tipple to drink back at the Best Western Lawrenceburg Inn?

Take A Hike

Kentucky is home to plenty of stunning natural vistas, and is one of the best parts of the country to go hiking. If you are a keen walker, and you are looking for a trip which has a fair bit of activity involved, then you might find Kentucky to be a great choice for a spot of hiking. You’ve got plenty of options here - whether it’s the Sheltowee Trace National Recreational Trail - 260 miles of glorious countryside walking - or the Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail, you are bound to find a walk that suits you well. Why not breathe in the fresh air and explore this beautiful state by foot? You just might fall in love with some of the breathtaking natural scenery that Kentucky has to offer.

No matter what it is that you are looking for in your travels around the US, you might be surprised at just how much Kentucky can offer. Next time you’re planning your trip, take a look at the above possibilities, and see if Kentucky is the state for you.


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