6 Lost Travel Traditions We'd Love To See Make a Comeback

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
How we travel now has come along way than how they traveled, even less than a hundred years ago. Technology has improved so much, meaning travel is more efficient, safer, and for many people, cheaper and easier to do. But as a result, it can mean that we have lost some traditional travel traditions. When was the last time you mailed out a postcard to someone? Since we can just check in on Facebook and upload an image, these kinds of traditions have gotten a little lost. But here are some that we can try to bring back, to really enjoy the time we travel in a classic way.

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Writing Letters 

The romance of a handwritten letter is still not lost on people. It just doesn’t get done much these days. But some letters, written on your travels, arriving on the door of a loved one, can mean so much more than some WhatsApp messages or an SD card.


As has been mentioned, when was the last time you mailed out a postcard? In tourist spots they are very much still available, so why not grab one next time you’re away? To make things easier, you could always look into sending photo postcards using an app. You get the personalized element of it all, without having to do too much leg work.

Dining Cars on Trains

This is still a thing in some parts of the world (just watch the latest James Bond for some dining car train envy). But for many parts of the world, this has become completely redundant. Being able to eat on your travels and enjoying the scenery as you go by is a luxury that nowadays, many have not experienced.

Film Cameras

With our smartphone or the latest DSLR camera, we have turned into a snap-happy population. But back in the day, there weren’t the resources to keep taking hundreds of photographs of the Eiffel Tower, for example. You took one or two and then looked forward to getting the film developed after your trip. We were more picky and particular with our photography, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Slow Travel

It was hard to be in a rush anywhere when your means of transport was a horse and handwagon. Though it wouldn’t have been the ideal way to travel, it certainly made you appreciate what you had and the environment around you. Budget airlines and fast travel mean we often forget the concept of living in the moment and enjoying slow travel.

Road Trips

In some ways, the road trip is still very much alive and kicking. However, they aren’t done like they used to be, right? Budget airlines and cheap car rentals make it easier to just fly somewhere, as we want things fast and quick (see above point). Bring back the books on tape and wrinkled maps any day.

Are there any travel traditions that you miss now that things have changed in the world? It would be great to hear what you think.

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