Germany: The Essentials You Can't Forget

Thursday, August 31, 2017
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Whether you are heading off on a family holiday or a romantic weekend break, there are several things that you need to make sure you do, such as book transport and accommodation, and always need to be packed in your bag or suitcase, such as your passport and tickets, and a toothbrush. However, here I have compiled a list of things that are essential specifically for a trip to Germany.

Granted, money is something that isn’t needed specifically for a trip to Germany, however you do specifically need euros for Germany, so it is something you need to collect before your break. You don’t need a massive amount of money, if you don’t want to carry a lot around with you, you just need enough for transport to your accommodation, and then you can use ATMs to top up your money while you’re there.

Germany uses different electrical sockets and has a lower voltage than North America, so an electrical adaptor or two is absolutely necessary for you to be able to use your phone charger, hair dryer, and anything else that has a plug on it. You definitely don’t want to get to Germany and realise you can’t charge your phone.

Phrase Book
If you don’t already know how to speak German, then a German phrase book would be incredibly helpful in assisting you around the country, especially in less tourist prone areas, where English may not be well-spoken by the locals.

German weather is famously unpredictable and can change at the drop of a hat. For this reason, it’s always a smart idea to pack some shirts and jackets that you can layer over one another if it’s too cold, and easily remove if it gets warm again.

Rain Jacket/Umbrella
As above, the weather in Germany can change quite quickly, and the last thing you want is for your day to be ruined because you were caught in a rainstorm and had to go back to your hotel sopping wet.

Walking Shoes
Wearing heeled shoes would be a big mistake in Germany, what with the many cobbled streets, and so a good, comfortable walking shoe would be a much more sensible idea. To many, a sensible walking shoe means some variation of sneaker, however, German’s, more often than not, opt for a sturdy boot instead. These would be doubly helpful if you plan on doing any hiking during your trip. One good pair of shoes on a trip is better than several mediocre ones.

Local Guide Book
Guide books are often on sale on a lot of stalls in the more touristy areas, and contain lots of information about the best restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions, to assist you on your trip. They also often contain maps, which pinpoint these places, to help you get around, if you can’t use your phone for any reason.

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Hopefully, by packing these essential items, your trip to Germany will not only be fun and memorable, but also a lot easier than it would have been without them - All that’s left to do now is decide whether you want to eat Spätzle or Flammkuchen on your first night out in Germany.


  1. I love traveling and all these awesome tips will help me plan my next trip.


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