Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show

Monday, June 19, 2017

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This unique design of theater/restaurant is one of a popular attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Family, Food, Feudin’, and Fun- that’s the theme of The Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show. If you like watching American history about Family Feud you will have a blast here. You will  also enjoy Granny's country cookin'. Come hungry, because it's "all you can eat" served family style.

The Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show is located between lights 0 and 1 on the main Parkway in Pigeon Forge. The dinner theater is located next door to the Titanic Museum.

The front Entrance of the theater.


A real life feud that dates back to the 1800's where the more affluent Hatfield's used their political connections to benefit their family in ways that really pissed off the poorer McCoy's. However, the feud initially began because one of the McCoy's fought for the North's Union army instead of the South's Confederate army. He was discharged early due to a war injury and was hunted down and killed by a militia that included members of the Hatfield family.

Years later, a dispute broke out over ownership of a hog that was settled in court in favor of the Hatfield's. Sounds fair until you realize the judge was a Hatfield. Testimony was given by a relative of both families and he was later killed by McCoy's.

Then the ultimate happened! A McCoy female by the name of Roseanna began dating a Hatfield and soon became pregnant. Well, the McCoy clan retaliated by captured her lover on charges of outstanding warrants with intentions of taking him to a Kentucky court for prosecution. The Hatfield's were having none of that and came in force surrounding the McCoy's to take back their kin. Although he impregnated the McCoy girl, he left her in favor of another McCoy, her cousin!!!! Can you say DAAAA---YUUUM! Scandalous!

In the years to follow, almost a dozen deaths occurred between the families as they took opportunities of revenge! So much so that the governor of the state got involved. At the climax of the feud, the Hatfield's surrounded the McCoy's and open fire on one of their homes and set it on fire. This was known as the 1888 New Year's Night Massacre. They shot the two children and left the wife for dead after a severe beating. The husband escaped and coincidentally, the Hatfield's escaped prosecution for this crime. Well, for a little while that is, until the case was reopened years later.

All in all, it goes down as one of, if not THEE ugliest family feud in American history. 

Back-side of the building.

Fun times with my parent's.


  1. What a fun adventure for families. I think my son would really get a kick out of this show. I wish we were closer to enjoy it. Maybe some day we will get to see it. Thanks for sharing this fun family idea.

  2. Holy cow - what a story!! I'd love to take my kids to this. I also had no idea about the Titanic Museum? I'd do both! I've never been to TN but it's on the list for a family road trip for next summer!!

  3. What an interesting story. I have always heard the phrases about these families but never realized it was a true life story. I love learning about things like this. Soo cool!

  4. Now this is interesting!I would love to take my family to this. I'll have to agree, I have heard the stories but never thought they were true. That building looks like if a good wind flew in it would take that building right along with it.

  5. I had know idea what the basis of the feud was until now! I'll only seen them in cartoons. Always with a pig! What an interesting story. It looks like a fun place too.

  6. I'd heard of the Hatfield's and McCoy's, but really had no idea what the history was. It's absolutely incredible. I can't imagine all of the twists and turns these families have taken over the years. This little theater is the cutest! It would be so much fun to be able to attend a show, and the food sounds pretty darn good itself!

  7. That looks like such a cool place to visit. I have never been there but loved learning about all of the history of the families when there were specials on tv about them. My husband and I enjoyed learning together so I bet we would like to take a trip there someday to see that in person, looks like a really fun place!

  8. That looks so cool and what a fun trip. I have never been to Pigeon Forge. Family trips are always my favorite.

  9. I think the Titanic Museum would also be very cool! This is a story I had heard previously but only knew part of it. Thanks for sharing. Fun little town they have set up there too!

  10. Hubby and I would enjoy this dinner show. Reading about the real story of the Hatfields and McCoys makes me want to hear it in person. Hubby, guess where we are going this summer!?!

  11. That would be so cool to see in person, I loved learning about them.


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