Six Reasons That Foodies The World Over Should Visit The USA

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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It perhaps isn’t surprising that a country built on colonial immigration and of such a vast size has such an incredible array of fantastic flavors. The USA is a food lover’s dream, with a few of its cities being viewed as a veritable pilgrimage for certain food styles. If you wanna cheesesteak, you head for Philadelphia. Barbecue’s home is in Texas, and exotic Cajun flavors live firmly in Louisiana. A foodie in America is the happiest foodie ever, and here are just X reasons why.

1.  It has every world food ever
It’s a country built by people the world over, so every type of cuisine you could ever dream of is represented. Some have hotspots, like pizza in Chicago and New York because of their Italian population, Creole in New Orleans because of the French influence, and Chinese in San Fransisco because of the huge immigrant population there. But the entire country is built on so many different cultures, wherever you are in the States, you’re spoiled for options.

2. The portions are phenomenal
No foodie will ever go hungry on a visit to the States, that’s for sure. Their portions are generous, to say the least. But don’t feel obliged to gobble all of it in one sitting - it’s perfectly normal to ask for a doggy bag to take the excess home in, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic midnight snack or free breakfast for the next day - bonus!

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3. The markets are amazing
The fantastic food doesn’t just live in America’s legendary diners and restaurants, but there is great produce available in their grocery stores and markets. If you’re a fan of the farmer’s market or street food, Seattle’s Pike Place markets are an absolute must-visit.

4. They’re trendsetters
The good people of the USA like to set the trends when it comes to cuisines. Cities such as Portland, Oregon and of course Los Angeles are at the forefront of food fashion, and there’s some pretty seriously rivalry for foodie reputation too. Portland likes everything to be a bit different, with fusion cuisines, street food carts, and experimental flavors. LA, on the other hand, is in a one-city quest for the most delicious health food - both have to be experienced by any food lover.

5. It’s easy to plan
Traveling the world can be a mess of visas, currency, and vaccinations, but with the USA it’s all fairly straightforward. Wherever you visit in the USA, you can use the same currency but experience so many different cultures. The visa waiver, the USA ESTA, is straightforward too, all you have to do is visit their website and fill in a quick form. Traveling to the States and trying their tasty food couldn’t be easier.

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6. The wine is exceptional
With every good food, there has to be good wine, and California has totally got this covered. Californian wine can be found all over the country, but a trip to the Napa Valley is the dream of any serious wine lover, and the food and scenery are amazing too. The rest of the wine tends to be Argentinean or Chilean, but there are certainly no complaints there!

If you’ve never considered the USA for a foodie tour, get those flights booked - you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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