Sunset at Clingman's Dome

Sunday, August 7, 2016

📌 Highest Peak of  Great Smoky Mountain National Park

We went to Clingman's Dome to watch sunset for the first time. You have to hike to get there, its a steep and tough hike up but only about 1/2 mile so with frequent stops it can be done. We are both  in decent shape but had to stop several times just to catch our breathe. There are  number of benches , rocks, along the trail for you to rest so it's not that bad. The hike down is a breeze!

Once you get to the top the hike is well worth it. We saw a layer of cloud in front of us, somewhat like cotton candy, with mountain peaks peeking out above the layer. Felt like at the top of the world.

Who doesn't enjoy Smokies sunset? The sight is even more rewarding when you hike to a destination with a spectacular view.
Clingman's Dome look out tower located at the top of a mountain in the Smoky Mountain National Park.
The highest point along the Appalachian trail and the highest peak in TN at 6,643 feet above sea level.
The 360 degree view is breathtaking.
The view is amazing our experience is very memorable.
 Reminder:  It gets very cold up there even on summer so bring a jacket or hoodies. 


  1. I love the Smokies. Those views are just so beautiful. We used to hike in Julian, CA outside of San Diego 2.5 miles uphill just to get off the trail. ACK that was brutal. I wonder how steep this is - I'm going to look up the inclines. I really want to take the Harley out here with my husband. He's never been. I'm going to show him your photos. It would be wonderful to ride through here in the fall. :)

  2. That looks like an absolutely stunning view! I love the Smoky Mountains, maybe because most of my family's vacations were spent driving south from OH toward the Carolinas. If I ever find myself near there and see road signs for it, you bet I'll be hiking up to catch a glimpse of that view.

  3. The view is truly breathtaking, they say something worth it always requires you to break a sweat. I wouldn't mind hiking up if this is the view you get at the end. I would definitely drag or crawl up there for such a beautiful and stunning view

  4. Wow! This is so freaking cool! I know me I would probably have be scared out of my mind walking around lol. I can see me now holding to the rails and holding people up because I am moving slowly.

  5. What a stunning view!! This reminds of the time I visited South Africa...we spent the day at the beach in Camp's Bay and they stayed for the sundowner. It's an experience I'll never forget!

  6. I think I need to be in better shape before I take this grand adventure. It's a beautiful experience I'd love to see in person. It may just be the new motivation for my much needed weight loss.

  7. Wow these pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Such a gorgeous view, that is the best experience ever! I need to try this trip, I love hiking!!!! Hope you had so much fun! -Kendall

  8. Oh my gosh I've never heard of Clingmans Dome, but those photos are stunning! I've always wanted to visit Smokey Mountain National Park and this just reinforces that item on my travel list...maybe even bump it up a few places ;)

  9. That honestly looks so beautiful! It reminds me of when I was overseas the views were very much like that, so many mountains and clouds everywhere.

  10. The view is so beautiful. It looks like a nice place to go sight seeing. I would be nice to check out the view from where the people are standing. Thanks for sharing.


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