Falls Creek Falls State Park - Part 2

Saturday, June 4, 2016

This is our second trip to Falls Creek Falls this time we  hiked the trail  down to the bottom of the big falls. It is a strenuous hike over some rocky areas, but it is well worth it. Going up is physically challenging. The fall doesn't have much water flow to it but it is one of the tallest I have seen. It's like being in another world. You can get in the swimming hole  at the bottom of the falls and it was amazing. There is only one trail that goes in and out , expect that it could be crowded at times. The rocks at the bottom are a tad scary, because some of them are loose so be careful. We were sitting on the rocks at the bottom of the falls for about 30 minutes. 

If you are a person who likes to spend time outdoors or hike, you will truly enjoy a day here. Be sure to plan on making it a day trip, it's in the middle of nowhere. Happy hiking!

Falls Creek Falls State Park

10821 Park Rd
Spencer, TN 37367

One of Tennessee's gem

Beautiful amazing tranquility nature at its best

Amazing rock formation

Great park with almost everything you want for hiking, fishing, and enjoying the scenery.

At 256 feet, FCFSP is one of the highest waterfalls in the eastern United States


  1. WOW Talk about a beautiful place! I want to travel the country. There are so many beautiful places here in the US and I haven't seen almost any of them. It's kind of sad though... Maybe one day. =D Beautiful photos!!

  2. If I ever visit Tennessee this is the kind of place I would visit! This is the kind of place I would love to visit ANYWHERE for that matter. I love nature and this is simply breathtaking! I especially love the forth photo! Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  3. Now that is a hike I would actually enjoy! The sights are just overwhelming. Those pools are so lovely, kind of a turquoise. Pikeville has never been on my list of destinations when I've visited Tennessee, but I believe I'm going to add it now.

  4. Amazing! We hope to make it to TN one day because we love going on trails and hiking. Such amazing beautiful right in our country! I would love to swim in that water looks so refreshing!

  5. We love going hiking here in Colorado - the scenery is always beautiful but my most favorite part about these hiking trips are any waterfalls we come across or hike to. There is something so beautiful and breathtaking about waterfalls. Your photos are amazing.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful! I would also love to hike for fun with friends and just appreciate the beauty of nature. Would you know how deep the water level is?

  7. That looks like a beautiful hike! I used to love to go hiking when I lived in New England, but hiking in Denmark isn't nearly as interesting, so I've pretty much given it up since I moved abroad. Waterfalls were one of my favorite things to find on a hike, and those look lovely.

  8. Stunning! We love to spend time outdoors and find new places to explore. I didn't realize that Tennessee had such awesome views. The color of the water is beautiful! Adding Pikeville and Falls Creek Falls to my Must-Travel list!

  9. I'm not much of a hiker but this place is stunning!It's the type of place that could convert me! I can't believe how crystal-clear the water is!!

  10. This is stunning and breath taking. We live in East Tennessee and are going to be exploring the world around us this summer. We are going to have to head over to Pikeville and check it out.

  11. This look so amazing!! Hiking is something we haven't tried as a family but I definitely want to. I think having the ability to simply explore nature is something we need to learn the value of.


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