Take a Cruise at Loboc River Philippines

Friday, February 5, 2016
On arrival at our hotel in Panglao Islands, Bohol Philippines we were introduced to a local guide whom we hired for the day to show us around the sights of Bohol. One attraction he recommended was the River Cruise from Loboc in the south of Bohol Island. Loboc River is one of top destinations in the island province of Bohol, aside from the Chocolate Hills and its Tarsiers. The town of Loboc  is about 30 minutes ride from the city of Tagbilaran where the Tagbilaran Airport is located. 

The ride was so refreshing and the view is breathtaking. The "eat all you can" buffet had a fair selection of Filipino food, although the quality was not exceptional. The length of time of travel  is ok and the weather was perfect. Through the river it stopped at a floating hut where you watch a group of kids playing their guitars for us, singing and dancing. I found them entertaining and reflecting the people and the culture there. My husband and I  really enjoyed that part!

The river and surrounding beautiful tropical rain forest scenery.

You'll love the view of the river , trees and mountain.

This floating restaurant is propelled by a smaller pump boat.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I am guessing , because they served filipino food, that this is in the Philippines. It was a little unclear from you article but your pictures make it a highly desirable destination.

    1. You are right this was taken from my homeland Philippines I did not realize that I forgot to mention it. Thanks for the heads up. I'm glad youe enjoy my photos :)

  2. I think river cruises can highlight so much about an area and provide an entertaining time. It looks like you had a fantastic time and the scenery is beautiful. This will definitely be on my list if I ever make it to the area.

  3. Oooh, I love to be on the water. This is such beautiful scenery, too! I would love to take a river cruise especially one near Loboc.

  4. Great recap! I've done this cruise too in the past and though some may deem it as a touristy activity, I found it quite pleasant nonetheless. :D

  5. I love taking river cruises. There is something so peaceful about being on the water. I think a river cruise can give you such a different perspective of an area that they are worth going on! Great photos!

  6. How beautiful! This would be the perfect end to a nice evening. I love how the boat has a table setting so that you can enjoy not only the scenery but the company as well....

  7. What a beautiful rainforest setting. I would love to take a river cruise like that someday. How lovely it must have been!

  8. Ever since my parents told me they have visited Panglao in Bohol I have been envious! I would love to visit that place too with my family! I am now more encourage to plan this trip after seeing your wonderful photographs and reading about your experience. So crossing fingers...hope it happens!


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