A hike to heaven at Charlies Bunion

Sunday, October 18, 2015
We hiked to the Bunion from Newfound Gap on 30th of August 2015. Got started about 1:00pm and returned to the Gap at 6:00. Weather was gorgeous, partly sunny with temps in the high 70s. I say the hike is challenging, my husband says it is moderate. If you are carrying a heavy backpack, it  can added weight on the back. The views are awesome especially with the fairly clear skies we had that day. We spend at least an hour at the Bunion and  we enjoyed sitting there, totally in love at God's country. If you still have the energy on your return trip, take the relatively short side trail to visit the Jump Off, located near the Boulevard Trail junction. Going there we ran into a few hikers which is okay, over all we enjoy this hike. 

Trail Features: Panoramic Views
Roundtrip Length: 8.1 Miles
Highest Elevation: 6122 Feet
Trail Difficulty Rating: 11.38 (strenuous)

Charlies Bunion offers spectacular views of the mountains to the north. Due to the extremely steep drop-offs you'll definitely want to watch you're footing in this area.
He loved it and so did I.

Breath taking view along the Appalachian Mountain Trail
See the bird?
Spectacular view
Mountain to Mountain
The edge of NOWHERE!
This guy at the edge of the bunion is fearless 

One of my favorite Trail


  1. What a lovely place to go for a hike! The views are gorgeous.

  2. Wow, those views are breathtaking! I wish I had more places to hike around here, I absolutely love it and it thrills my two kids as well!

  3. Wow, this will be my ideal day. I enjoy going on hikes and this one seems to have a lot of breath taking views.

  4. Oh wow, those views are absolutely heavenly. My favorite part of vacationing is hiking about to see the views.

  5. All of those pictures are so beautiful the location is such a good spot.

  6. The view is so beautiful! It's nice that you guys spent time together for this. It's so sweet.

  7. Oh my gosh that would make me dizzy lol. Height is not my thing but I love the gorgeous view!

  8. Wow! What a view that is Sis L. I LOVED the last photo of you.

  9. That is so beautiful, I would love to be there!

  10. wow, amazing view...how I wish I can visit that place in the future :)

  11. Wow! awesome photos . The scenery is just great. Sana makapunta ako riyan. How I wish...


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