Visit Tuckaleechee Caverns

Monday, August 3, 2015
We have been to Townsend , TN many times .  It was kinda rainy  the past few days so we decided to go. This place looks very basic once you arrive, when you pull up you may think that this is not going to offer much. But below that building is the entrance to one of the most spectacular rock formations and underground river with waterfall that you will get the chance to see. It's absolutely stunning.

There are steps and handrails throughout the cave, and enough lighting to see.The light show in the big room was fun, highlighting the different structures, and experiencing what a cave is like with all the lights off was another level of darkness. Most people should be able to do the tour, it is not too strenuous and there are a couple of breaks and places to sit. The tour last about an hour and a half or two. 

I thought this was a fantastic experience. We're looking forward to checking out other caves now that I know they are all a bit different. If you are in the area and looking for something fun to do, this a place you should definitely stop and see. 

The entrance building under this is a stunning cave
The Majestic underground waterfalls
Walkways were built and lights installed to illuminate the caverns. 
Metal winding stairs
The Chandelier rock formation
Stalactite rock formations 
A wishing well in the cave

A look up the Waterfall
A Hidden Treasure in the Smokies!


  1. Wow! This cave looks beautiful Sis L :-) I LOVED all your photos. They all look amazing. I do not know if I can visit a cave. It freaks me out :-(

  2. This looks like a good adventure especially for nature lovers. I also wanted to explore the cave and have a photo of it.

  3. I love going on a cavern, there are so many neat stuff to see. You reminded me to post our adventure this year lol.

  4. that place looks great, I've been into a cavern for the first time and I was very fascinated of how nature have those amazing things.

  5. The rock formations are stunning! I have never been in a cavern, but I am so sure this will be a fascinating experience for me.

  6. Wow! I am so fascinated to see for myself this awesome place. Great experience for you sis.

  7. The first photo was fantastic! The cave looks beautiful!


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