Java Junkies: Four Can't Miss Coffee Spots

Thursday, August 20, 2015
Sourcing and roasting coffee beans is no longer just for big coffee companies like Starbucks. Nowadays some of the best coffee shops are local operations that work directly with coffee farmers and have their own roasteries. Great local shops like these help make their cities some of the best places to live. Combine great beans with a knowledgeable staff and some top-notch baked goods, and you've got a truly exceptional coffee experience.

Lamplighter Roasting Company

This Richmond, Virginia coffee shop and roastery began in 2009. The business has expanded since then to include a separate roastery location and a commercial kitchen. They have three Richmond locations, and their Summit Ave. location is the headquarters of their training and roasting operations. Visit the Addison Street location for the original store, which has a large food menu. All locations offer an extensive menu of whole bean coffee, brewed coffee, espresso drinks, and handmade food. On the first Sunday of the month they offer a free afternoon coffee tasting.

Eternity Coffee Roasters

Visit Miami's Eternity Coffee Roasters for an extremely unique coffee experience. Visit their shop to get a cup of coffee from the counter or in a tasting room. The real reason to go here, however, is because of how they get their coffee beans. They go for small batch and ethically sourced beans, but they don't just roast the coffee. They actually have a hand in every aspect of a coffee bean's life, from the farming (which began with a single Colombian farm) to the grinding. Stop by the cafe to experience a coffee tasting and learn about bean growth and roasting methods, or order single-origin coffee online.

Ristretto Roasters

Ristretto Roasters in Portland, Oregon has a reputation for great, handcrafted coffee. All the coffee is sourced and roasted in small batches by the shop's owner. Medium roast fans will love this shop, because medium roasts are their specialty. They have something new all the time, because their sources and beans constantly change. You can get a great cup in one of their three locations, but they also provide coffee to many Portland shops and restaurants, and you can order their beans online. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about coffee and great with recommendations.

Barista Parlor

An old Nashville transmission shop is the building which Barista Parlor now inhabits. Their second location in Golden Sound used to be a record studio, and now holds a roasting room as well as a coffee shop. They work directly with coffee farmers to source the best beans, and they roast their coffees with specific brewing methods in mind. Coffee isn't the only thing Barista Parlor sells. Handmade baked goods, from-scratch Southern cuisine, and American craft chocolate are all on the menu, too. The baristas will know just the chocolate, scone, or macaroon that will go with each cup of coffee.

Next time you're looking for your morning cup, instead of heading to the big chain try a local coffee shop like one of these. Get a handcrafted cup and some new coffee knowledge to go with it.


  1. I love coffee, but I can't say that I'm a hardcore fan. Although, I love trying out cafes and coffee shops. This is a nice list!

  2. Support local, it's cheap and good too. :)

  3. nice, although we don't have that kind of shop here it's nice to hear something about it.

  4. I am not into coffee and for the records, never pa akong nakatikim man lang ng kape all my life. Nevertheless, these are nice coffee shops for coffee buffs.

  5. Lamplighter's logo looks so cool! I bet their coffee is cool too!


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