Burgess Falls State Park

Sunday, August 9, 2015
I seriously cannot get over what a beautiful place this is. Burgess Falls is one of the most gorgeous parks in the Cumberland Plateau, with great trails and impressive waterfalls.  The trails heading down to Burgess Falls are no more than moderate and you can see the first fall within a few minutes of hiking.  Little Falls is just that - quite little - but in another half mile are the Middle Falls, which span the width of the river and are about 35' tall.  The trail is straight out & back. You can walk along the river or you can walk along a gravel road that leads to the Burgess Falls (136 feet).

Burgess Falls 136 feet high
Unfortunately, you can only view Burgess Falls from an overlook and can't get down to it.  They had the trail going down blocked off due to flood damage. Would love to go back sometime in October, so we can see the falls at the bottom. Just disappointed we drove almost 2 hrs. and didn't get to see much.

Address: 4000 Burgess Falls Drive, Sparta, TN 38583-8456; Phone Number: 931-432-5312

Can you see the rainbow?
The one along the river gives great views of Falling Water Cascades 20 feet.
Middle Falls
Observation Deck


  1. That waterfalls is stunning. I won't be able to get over, too, if I was able to witness this beautiful gift of nature.

  2. oh wow!!! who else can get over with that amazing waterfalls, i was totally fascinated to watch your photos I'm sure it'll be a wonderful feeling to see it with your own eyes.

  3. The falls is simply stunning. Sarap siguro maligo dyan.

  4. That is one beautiful Falls! Always glad to see your adventure sis, I get to travel too!


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