The Florida Aquarium

Monday, July 13, 2015
I have been to a different aquariums a few times. This one is actually smaller than most I have been in. However this aquarium is presented very nicely throughout on the inside. It is a great place for families and young children to visit. There is a lot of educational things for the young ones to learn about the marine life. There is also a nice water play area outside for the young ones to enjoy. The cafe area has great food selections to choose from and reasonably priced. This is a must visit when coming to Tampa. Learn about the Tampa Bay ecosystem from Swamp to Coral Reef. They also have a swim with the Sharks program for those that feel adventurous.

Ray Statue in front of  Florida Aquarium


A swim with the Sharks program for those that feel adventurous.
Finding Nemo in the Fish Tank 

Octopus upclose


  1. I will never get tired of watching the sea animals. I love your shots of the colorful jellyfishes.

  2. What?!?!?! We've been to Tampa but we never saw that! I would have taken a picture at least with the facade. LOL. That's probably in the heart of Tampa, which we never explored. Love aquariums, they always fascinate me!

  3. So amazing!!! you don't need to dive underneath the water to see those wonderful species closer and with your own two eyes

  4. I think my kids will never get tired of visiting aquariums. They love all those sea creatures!

  5. Aw.... my son would love this place! He recently got hung over Finding Nemo so this place would really make a great experience for him

  6. Sis Leah,
    I LOVED the up close photo of the octopus, that is way too cool.


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