Ramsey Cascades Trail

Tuesday, July 28, 2015
We decided to do this hike the last minute because we can't decide where to go. We hike quite a bit but this hike was tougher than we imagined. You have to cross a rushing stream/river several times, climb slick and unstable rocks. It took us almost 6 hrs for the entire hike and we were paying for it the next day a total of 8 miles there and back. The heat and the rain was unbearable. Either way it was quite an adventure for us, and that we will never forget.

Tips pack as light as you can and take snacks and water along with a good hiking shoes/boots.  If waterfalls and soreness are your thing then go! People say it's worth it, but it really just depends on what kind of hike you are looking for, if you're an experienced hiker and want an extra challenge this is it.If you're wanting to enjoy nice views, easy strides and non threatening terrains then this is not for you.

Direction: Follow the Greenbrier Road for 3.1 miles and turn left at the bridge following the sign to the Ramsey Cascades Trail. The trailhead is another 1.5 miles at the end of the road.

Hiking Distance (Roundtrip Length): 8 Miles
Trail Difficulty Rating: 5.30 (moderate to difficult)

From the Greenbriar entrance

The biggest tree in the park is a Tulipwood tree
One of the many foot logs we crossed
The Majestic Ramsey Cascades


  1. I am also into hiking. It's our way of bonding and relaxing from a hectic week.

  2. That is gorgeous sis. We have Greenbrier road her too bu it's not as beautiful as like that.

  3. Wow! The trail is breathtaking! Now I have to convince the fambam to go for a weekend hike. It's been a while since we last hiked.

  4. What a beautiful place to go hiking! Perfect for photo opps and great adventures!

  5. Ang ganda naman ng scenery and that river is just awesome. Sarap mag-unwind sa mga ganitong place.

  6. The trail is a nice place to do when you love nature and exercise at the same time, you'll see great scenery that nature can offer for free

  7. What a beautiful place! It's been ages since I last went hiking. I hope I can do it again.


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