Grotto Falls Trail

Monday, June 29, 2015
Grotto Falls is a stunningly beautiful waterfall and popular attraction for hikers that are visiting the area of Gatlinburg, TN. It is an easy hike if you're moderately in shape. There are few little streams you will have to cross and you will get a little muddy. This trail requires about a 3 mile round trip hike into the surreal beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the side on Mount LeConte. But it only took us less than 2.5 total even though we spent a LOT of time hanging out by the fall, taking pictures and enjoying the view.

On the way out we did see a bear cross the road in front of us, which kinda freaked me out at first, but also made my day! So they aren't joking about bears being in the area. And if you're lucky enough, you would see the group of Llama passing Grotto Falls trail heading out to Mt. Leconte with supplies usually they hike on Mon-Wed-Fri traveling on Trillium Gap or could change if severe weather.

DIRECTIONS: Turn at Traffic light #8 in Gatlinburg and follow it to Roaring Forks Road. Keep right and stay on Roaring Fork past the Rainbow Falls parking area. Follow the signs towards Grotto Falls. Another great reason to go early is because parking spaces are limited. Once parked, go right along the concrete walkway which points straight toward the trail head.

Pretty waterfall that you can actually walk behind.
Hiking Distance (Roundtrip Length): 2.6 Miles
Trail Difficulty Rating: 3.77 (moderate)

I loved the unspoiled nature, the serenity and privacy


  1. I have always always enjoyed your trailing adventures. I have never done this, but I would love to try it when I have the time.

  2. hiking plus wonderful nature to enjoy is the best walking to do.

  3. What a stunning vista! I love the waterfalls! Nothing beats the beauty of Mother Nature.

  4. oh, my! such an amazing adventure...I love all the photos!

  5. Love these photos sis! Mother nature adventure is always the best and I am glad you sshared it with us, so inspiring.

  6. Wow! awesome photos. you really have fun doing those trailing adventures.


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