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Monday, September 29, 2014
The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge was absolutely amazing.  The museum is very easy to find and is right on the Parkway strip.  It is pretty hard to miss a 22,000 square foot ship.  Parking is free and the experience starts right away from the moment you step out of your car.   Flying from the light poles are flags representing the many countries that the Titanic passengers were from.   And there is beautiful Irish music playing.

As you walked up to the museum entrance you were greeted by two very friendly employees costumed as a maid and captain.   As you entered the museum you will receive tickets, boarding passes and audio tour devices.   The boarding passes are really neat. It show departure dates and times, the name, age and country of residence of an actual passenger, the passengers class and brief information about their lives and voyage on-board the Titanic.   In the first exhibit there was an employee all dressed up of course that explained how and where the Titanic was built, the route it traveled and where it hit the iceberg.   There was a really large map on the wall which had the route marked out.

Titanic Ship and Iceberg from outside exterior.
In front of the the replica of the Titanic ship with my family.

After walking through several awesome exhibits, one of which even had a replica 3rd class cabin and a flooding staircase ended up at the beautiful full scale 1 million dollar Grand Staircase.   On the starry night deck we got a first hand feel of just how cold the night air was the night the Titanic sank.   We got to touch an iceberg, brrrr. And dip our hands in 29 degree salt water.  Feeling the coldness of the air and the water really made us all empathize with the passengers that were on board the Titanic as she was sinking.   Can you imagine plunging into icy cold water, in the dark?

Titanic Pigeon Forge  Worlds Largest Museum Attraction

It was great experience. Lots of new info about titanic. Felt like I was at the real Titanic. Sad part is no photography is allowed in the museum and cellphones must be turned off before entering.  Be sure to take time to walk around the outside of the Titanic you can  take lots of pictures outside.

This amazing 26-foot Titanic model made out of 56,000 Legos and built by an Icelandic boy is now on display at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge

Hope you enjoy this fun museum at Pigeon Forge, TN  feel free to share it and don't forget to follow us for more adventures.


  1. i would say, this is a great getaway to visit you can learn many thing from the museum and what it did during its time.

  2. Oh my gosh, I would love to explore that sis. That is one great place to see.

  3. Wonderful! I have watched that movie countless times and visiting a place like this would complete the experience. Wonder if I would get to meet Leonardo there? Haha. Fat chance. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Hope to see more pictures of the interior.

    1. Unfortunately taking pictures inside the museum is not allowed. You can check their website to see the sneak preview of the interior decor including the replica of the million dollar grand staircase stair case.

  4. Wow! this a place I really wanted to see. Have seen the movie Titanic for a dozen of times na ata.

  5. Wow! that is one museum to explore and learn more about Titanic Sis :-) It looks so cool :-)

  6. Awww.. No picture taking inside.. :(

    But going to a tour like in a Titanic Museum might be a wonderful experience since I'll know what's inside and how they felt during the sinking of Titanic. I might be emotional as the tour goes on.. Hehe! :D


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