Visiting Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Talk about free fun and a beautiful afternoon with Mother Nature. This is a must-visit spot while in Colorado Springs. The Garden of the Gods is an incredible wonder that is one of Colorado's finest jewels. I have seen plenty of red rocks before. But I couldn't have been more wrong, this place is amazing! The stunning red rocks that just up toward the sky never fails to leave me in awe. There are so many cool things about this park. A sight I'll never forget. Thank you to my hardworking husband for bringing me along to this unforgettable trip!

If visiting Colorado Springs for the first time, I highly recommend putting Garden of the Gods on your must-see list. The area is quite breathtaking both literally and figuratively, and you will certainly get very good pictures in seeing some of the very best of what nature has to offer.

Ranked #1 of 175 attractions in Colorado Springs
1805 N 30th St Colorado Springs, CO 80904
        Phone number (719) 634-6666
Free Admission
    Business website

The amazing Balanced Rock.

God's Masterpiece

Deer at the park with its tongue hanging out!

We drove to Colorado Springs from New Mexico using our Jeep. It was a fun drive so much to see.


  1. those rocky hills looks great indeed a nice place to visit as well as a nice place for relaxation.

  2. Those are magnificent and stunning Rock formations. Indeed, this place is the Garden of the gods.

  3. Those red rocks are awesome! I wish we could visit Garden of Gods, too, someday!

  4. I wonder how many gods are in there and what kind of gods are they? I believe in only one God but these are really gorgeous views!

  5. The soil must be predominantly clay, having that reddish hue to it. The rock formations are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  6. that is beautiful Sis :-) what a site to watch :-) I love the view and wish we can explore that beautiful place too :-)

  7. I'm glad to see the beauty of mother nature in these hues. Lovely!

  8. I am wowed! The balanced rock is indeed amazing! Thanks for the breathtaking virtual share! Love all the stunning pictures!

  9. I have nerver seen these kind of rocks! It's very catchy on my eyes!


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