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Thursday, July 17, 2014
Let your jaw drop at the Petrified Forest National Park.  Adjacent to the Painted Desert - this is Arizona scenery at its finest. In my opinion, it is breath-taking as the Grand Canyon, and a little less crowded. There are a lot of different stations, but there are three that are especially awesome: (1) the Blue Mesa Trail, (2) the Newspaper Rock and (3) the Painted Desert.

On this post I will share my photos from Blue Mesa Road. It is a 15 minute loop road with multiple stopping points for a scenic view. The Blue Mesa Road, which you'll just drive by as you pass through the park, you can pull off to look at them more if you want.  They are mounds of beautifully layered colored rock. We loved this adventure! Driving through the park was quite convenient and everything was so beautiful.

The Tepees : Commonly seen rock formations alongside the main road.


  1. Wow, that is stunning. It looks like a painting almost, gorgeous!

  2. Stunning view love the rocks formation. It must be nice seeing it in person. Your so lucky to be able to witness this kind of breathtaking views. Im your avid reader. Keep posting.

  3. wow na wow!!!!!
    is that handmade? i mean man made?....aaammmaaazzziing!!!!!! formation of rocks.

    1. Hi Shengkay this is made by mother nature through air, water and sunlight . This stunning rocks was there thousands of years!

  4. Amazing! It's so pretty and the colors looks magnificent.

    @Shengkay, I think this is purely God's wonderful creation.

  5. Just breathtaking rock formations! Would love to witness this personally someday. Wonder what was the reason for the color changes? Water?

  6. wow, such a stunning scenery! I love all the photos...great shots!

  7. Lovely! I wish I could also see those magnificent tepees up close and personal.


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