The World's Longest Yard Sale

Friday, August 9, 2013
We live an hour away in Crossville TN which is considered the mid way point of the World's Longest Yard Sale. This is our first time that we went on a yard sale. This event is open for 4 days only , and it extends through 5 states: Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama you have to take route 127.  Along the way, you're going to discover some neat places, interesting people and quaint stops that you'll probably want to visit again and again. So pack your camera, sunglasses, a good pair of walking shoes and plenty of cash. This yard sales does have junk, but it also has good stuff. You just have to being willing to make the trip and go through stuff. The open fields were a great way to browse through a lot of merchandise in one stop. You won't believe the bargains you can find and I was pleasantly surprised that every yard sale was willing to negotiate on the price for their items. I found few items that I am familiar with that brings back my  past memories.

I Drove, I Stopped, I Shopped till I Dropped

Route 127 connected to Five States: From North Addison, Michigan
to South Gadsden, Alabama

I always wanted to have this when I was  a kid, have a tea party with friends :)

Seriously? One Case of Coca Cola is $150 or 6,435 Php

Metal Lunch Boxes

This will look good to our back yard

Ceramic Plates


  1. Marami din siguro ko nabili kung andtan ako:)
    Have a nice weekend dear:)

    1. Thanks Ate Joy same to you enjoy the weekend :)

  2. Same tayo ng like nung kid pa, yung tea party with friends tapos nakaupo sa ganyang silya at round table. may ganyan akong laruan dati kasi, kaso wala akong cups and utensils pati wala din akong Barbie Dolls kaya ang ginagawa ko ay nagka cut out ako ng paper dolls.

    Miss you friend! Have a nice weekend!

  3. interesting photos and i wish we were closed to that world's longest yard sale so we can shop some really good stuff at cheap prices. i love those lovely ceramic plates...

  4. Unfortunately I do not live near there--I know for a fact that my Mom would drag me there for sure!!

  5. I have always wanted to go to this, I need to ask hubby if we can go next year.

  6. wow this would be heaven fro me I love yard sales

  7. Now that would be really fun to attend! Great photos of the items. I really love the chairs!

  8. A lot indeed, if we went there, geez my eyes will probably everywhere, those pictures are quite good choices. I think some of the items were collectible, that's why the coca cola is quite expensive.. it shows 1975 on that's antique considering.

  9. What an adventure! Plenty of interesting finds. I wonder how many can actually make it from start to finish ;)

  10. i remember those tin lunchboxes. i used to have one.:)

  11. Holly molly, that would be fun to shop at the longest yard sale.

  12. Wow, I would love to see that place. I like checking out yard sales. We have one in our area, just 3 minutes away and they have it twice a week. They have pretty nice stuffs in there really. Those ceramic plates are beautiful.

  13. This must be a lot of fun enjoying a little shop around.


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