Windrock Park Winter Escape

Friday, February 8, 2013
Here in East Tennessee the occasional snowfall is like a gift. With or without snow, winter’s chill is a great excuse to cuddle up and stay at home. When the weather is nice, I feel guilty not getting things accomplished, whether it’s running errands or simply walking exercise. But bitter temperatures give us a free pass to abandon those tasks and hibernate inside our homes, sweet homes. This winter it snowed three times since we moved, last week is the first time snow accumulated and stayed on the ground. I guess it was about 1-2 inches in some parts. It was interesting to experience snow here, I like how it goes away quickly. But up in the Windrock mountain the snow continues to pile up. We drove for couple of hours to witness the beauty of winter and we do really enjoy our short adventure.

My advice if you’re planning a winter hike it takes time for preparation. It’s vital to be dressed properly. Carry along water and an energy snack. Pay special attention to staying on the trail. And, don’t count on your cell phone because in many places — like most of the Tennessee Mountain— there is no reception.

Trivia: Before that time, the area around Oliver Springs had been used by Native Americans as a hunting ground and campsite. Natural mineral springs and abundant wildlife on Windrock Mountain encouraged Native Americans to stay. The springs, whose reputation for miraculous medicinal properties lasted until the 20th century, were called Tah-hah-lehaha, which meant "healing waters" in the Cherokee language. (,_Tennessee)

The weather outside is frightful

I look like an Eskimo :)

ATV Riders


  1. Nice Photos! I love the beauty of nature has to offer, thanks for sharing this wonderful experience.

  2. You look like a cute eskimo kid ha ha

    Nice snow photos and trivia. ATV ride seems exciting :)

  3. You know I don't miss snow, and I am happy the weather here. We went to Michigan last week and when we got back we had snow in our patio.hehhehe

  4. Wow Miss Leah, ang ganda naman ng mga photos mo ng snow sa Tennessee :)

    Kelan kaya ako makaka experience ng real snow hehe.

  5. Great shots, Leah! I'd like to do some winter hiking someday. Thanks for this! :)

  6. Beautiful winter pictures dear!

  7. ang ginaw naman tingnan. pero parang nakaka excite din gumala sa winter snow ;-)

  8. Were you guys the one riding the ATV on the snow? Cool. Love the eskimo in the wildernes hehe

  9. Beautiful Photos!! is that today though? if so wow!!


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