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Wednesday, April 11, 2012
My husband brings me to Buffalo Zoo on my first year in upstate New York. The Buffalo Zoo is the 3rd oldest zoo in America. Located right in the city alongside lovely and active Delaware Park.  Some parts of it definitely look that way. But they truly are making strides to update the zoo and make it comfortable and inviting for visitors and refocus its mission to protect endangered species.  The architecture is cool, however there are wide pits and ditches separating visitors from some of the animals, like the bears and tigers, making it tough to get a really good look at the animal (particularly in the case of the lion and tigers), but does bring to mind one important aspect-safety for the visitors. Other exhibits are much more modern like the stunning. 

The Rainforest which features a waterfall, bridges, a tiny vampire bat cave, poison dart frogs, an anteater, turtles galore, beautiful bright pink and red birds(that fly freely). The exhibit looks gorgeous and is sure to pleased you. The gorilla house seems  kinda small, but the baby gorilla brightens the place up. And oh the giant Brazilian cockroaches freak me out! Each season is a good season to go to the zoo, so make a day of it and spend the whole day at this zoo. If you are from the Buffalo area and have not been to the zoo, I encourage you to give it a try, because it only takes about 2 hours to go through the entire zoo. Extremely reasonable price, cute rides for the kids, and a GREAT rainforest exhibit that you shouldn’t miss!

Petting Giraffe
At the Buffalo Zoo entrance gate
Rainforest and Water Falls
a cute Gorilla


  1. I love to bring my daughter to the zoo. But I never been here. I'll put in my travel list.

  2. Looks like a cool place. Hope to bring Bella in the zoo one day...

  3. Wow! a pretty nice place to get close to nature and to animals. There would be a lot to see in there.

  4. May bpc talaga? Ano yun? joke. Dream ko makakita ng giraffe hehe. Sana may anak na ako para maka-visit ulit ng zoo never pa in 3 years kasi, wala din dito malapit na zoo

  5. @Gracie
    ha ha, nakikiuso lng sis :) hala tara gawa na tayo ng
    baby ng mkarelate tayo sa mga mommies :D

    1. Pwede naman mag-visit ng zoo kahit alang kids eh, go na. Nakigulo lang sa inyo ni Gracie..hehe.

  6. the place looks refreshing with lots of greens! thanks for joining Wednesday Whites.. here for a very late visit!


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