Fort De Soto Park

Thursday, April 26, 2012
My husband and I visited Tampa Bay Florida late in March 2011. It was a week vacation to escape the cold winter in Buffalo. On our first day we just stay at Tampa and meet some friends, we go to Renaissance Festival and have lunch at Golden Coral Buffet. We also visit the Busch Garden and Adventure Island. The next day we went to Clearwater Beach - Pier 60 it was absolutely great! Parking wasn't a problem; it was 10 dollars for the evening. The view is really pretty; and everyone was really friendly. I would definitely recommend Pier 60 to anyone. It was such a relaxing, calm and wonderful visit! In fact, it was one of my favorite things we did while on vacation. 

The Fort Desoto State Park it is a small island at the lowest point of Tampa Bay. We were surprised at its size. This charming park provides a lovely beach, with the softest white sand and good shelling. I couldn’t find any sand dollar but I’m told that there are many to be found. There were not too many people, all scattered around, so we have the feeling of having the beach by ourselves. It is also a paradise for bird lovers; especially the water birds are numerous. Wildlife watching is so much fun and we saw a few dolphins, fish and pelicans. Take some food and have a nice picnic by the water or walk out to the pier and watch people catching some fish. Always a perfect day out.

Location: 3500 Pinellas Bayway S, St Petersburg, FL 33715; Phone number (727) 582-2267

For once I act like a kid while playing the waves

One cloudy day at Fort Desoto Park


  1. Hi Leah, i follow your log now... nice pictures and view.

  2. Am sure you won't miss Bohol at Boracay nito, so pretty panorama and the model in the background sis, over!

  3. Wow! beautiful.... It's nice to travel to beautiful places..

  4. Great getaway, beautiful place, sexy you! In short, happiness! :)

  5. It sounds like a water paradise! The photos are very beautiful and nice meeting you... Sure u couple enjoyed.

  6. I had to come see where you visited Florida because I lived there for 36 years. Still love Florida!


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