Everyone loves Marineland

Monday, November 5, 2012
Visiting Marineland is a full day event, and I would suggest that you plan to go in the morning when it opens. Getting to the park early ensures a closer parking spot and because parking is free, you can imagine how huge their lot is. You can walk for 10 minutes just to get in the park on a busy day. Marineland is quite expensive but worth it! Especially if you like marine animals.

At King Waldorf Stadium 
See high-flying dolphins perform amazing flips and other awesome feats. You will fall in love with adorable walruses and enjoy the hilarious antics of their comical sea lion friends.

Dolphin Show

Despite their ferocious name, killer whales are actually friendly and affectionate animals. Previously regarded as undesirable, fearsome predators, this congenial side of the largest member of the dolphin family became known only through observations and contact made at facilities like Marineland. At Marineland you'll have the rare opportunity to see, first-hand, just how affectionate, as well as incredibly intelligent, these beautiful friendly giants of the sea really are. 

Killer whale splash show at Friendship Cove


Arctic beluga whales are one of the most popular members of Marineland's marine mammal family. One of the most abundant mammals in Canadian waters, belugas are well known for their striking appearance. As a beluga whale ages, its skin loses pigment cells which causes it to turn a unique shade of white. Belugas are also very playful, friendly mammals. They can nod and turn their heads because, unlike most whales, their seven neck vertebrae are not fused. 

Beluga Whales

Touch and  Feed Belugas - $8.50 fee at Arctic Cove

In addition to marine mammals shows, and interactive animal displays, they have a variety of fun and exciting amusement rides. Overall Marineland Niagara Falls is a great park to visit. As the song goes.... 

♪ ♫  Everyone loves a holiday
Watching the whales while they swim and play
They jump in the air
Splashing waves in your hair
Everyone loves marineland
Niagara falls ontario
Is always a fun place to go
Seeing friends you miss
A great big kiss
Everyone loves Marineland ♩ ♬


  1. Napakanta din ako dito nung jingle nila ah... Hehe!

  2. Beautiful photos, especially the dolphins, whales and unique belugas. We went to Marineland when the children were young. I remember those slides. Nice photo of you and the song is cute, too. Looks like you had some nice weather. Have a great weekend.

  3. wow... buti napadaan ako dito.. natuwa ako sa mga pics hehehe

    ang kyut ng mga dolpin ^^

  4. Ganda ng mga photos. Thank you for sharing.

  5. and sweet naman ng mga dolphins. Sana makapunta din ko dyan. hi hi. Buti nakita ko sa pictures. I just can feel your joy being there!

  6. I had no idea a walrus could be orange! Great shots! Thank you for sharing them on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  7. what a sight,a full bodied look and charming too!

  8. Wow! Very nice....love ko din kc ang mga sea creatures...amazed with Beluga Whales...:o)


  9. ala pang belugas sa manila ocean park. ang cute nila tingnan kaya lang parang fragile. ;)

  10. beautiful creatures! i've seen beluga whales at the Georgia Aquarium--they're so gentle. lovely images.

  11. It is a special place with tons of blue. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Leah.

  12. ang ganda naman nung whales. ;-)

  13. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for following also. You've got a nice blog! :)

  14. Love all these marine mammals... especially the Orcas (they're native here in WA)... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #59!

  15. Mura ng touch and feed dyan. Mahal sa Ocean adventure sa subic!

  16. I love this kind of show,kaya everytime we visited aquarium we make sure to watch this show..Gustong-gusto ko yong Dolphin at Beluga

  17. I'll keep this in mind and make sure we check it out when we trip to Niagra. Lovely pictures, Leah. :)

  18. I have never been any where like this, would love to go one day before I'm totally gray lol :)

  19. When I was a child we visited yearly and I have many fond memories of doing this. I took my kids 2-3 times too. I am fond of this place. It makes me really nostalgic.


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