Toronto Island Park

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
My husband and I spend our weekend at Toronto Islands Canada to celebrate my Birthday. It was a fun day! The Islands are just a 10 minutes ferry ride from the city. They are made up of 3 major islands. You have a choice to go to any of the three islands: Hanlan's Point, Centre Island, & Ward's Island. Walking around the Toronto Islands allows to (almost) completely forgetting that there is a giant city right across the water. There is a small amusement park, biking, canoes, paddle boats, and a couple of places to eat. It's a solid way to spend a day. There is Indian Festival going on that time so the ferry boat was too crowded of Indian smell (dizzy). There's two way to get to the Island. Pay for the Ferry Boat: Wards Island ferry will drop you off on the east side, where the resident live. OR you can take Hanlan's Point ferry which takes you to the beach... the CLOTHING OPTIONAL beach. 

We took a Ferry boat to get to the Centre Island. This is the most popular one and contains cycle paths, picnic areas, gardens & a beach. Here you'll also find Centreville, an amusement park with rides & a petting zoo. The island also provides amazing views of the Toronto Skyline. A very good place to unwind. Very romantic and an ideal place for couples. It's just a good place to hang out on a nice day. By 7pm we decided to leave the Island and this time we ride a Water Taxi so cool and entertaining though you will really get wet. Then we had a dinner with friends at The Old Spaghetti Factory at downtown Toronto. 

Toronto Skyline


  1. Awww, sobrang na-miss ko ang Toronto :(

  2. @KM awww :( matagal na ba kayong di nakatira sa Toronto? I like this city madaming tourist attraction although very expensive to stay.

  3. You look stunning in that sun dress sis. You are a lovely couple and the views are gorgeous!


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