Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
During the Winter Festival of Lights, Niagara Falls is transformed into a winter wonderland of shimmering lights. A beautifully decorated five-kilometre route stretching from Dufferin Islands along the Niagara Parkway, adjacent to Niagara Falls, past the Rainbow Bridge, to Whirlpool Bridge is known as the Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland.  It includes nearly two million lights and over 100 lighting displays, including:
Dufferin Islands Displays 
You'll be awed by the numerous displays of Canadian wildlife both modern and prehistoric that include moose and buffalo, howling wolves, charging rams, bears, mischievous beavers, deer, and dinosaurs that roamed the land millions of years ago. These are complemented by over 3,000 LED tree light sets that create a mystical aura of illumination. It truly is a wonderful visual experience.

Winter Wonderland Displays 
Within the Niagara Parks Winter Wonderland, visitors will notice the Life in Niagara lighting displays, which feature the award-winning Niagara grape and wine industry, an historic 1812 battle, and Fort Erie Racing.  A wide variety of winter activities like skating, skiing, ice hockey and carriage rides are also depicted. Be sure to keep your eye out for favourites like the world's largest Canadian-American Flag display, the Snowman Band, Canada's largest illuminated Menorah, a Teddy Bear Parade, as well as Royal Canadian Mounted Police displays located in front of the Niagara Parks Police building.The Niagara Parks Police building is also beautifully illuminated with its illumination choreographed to festive music.  This brilliant demonstration occurs every 5 minutes. Finally, just beyond the Rainbow Bridge visitors will enjoy the illumination of homes and bed & breakfast establishments, as well as an angelic Nativity Scene hosted by Christ Church one of the oldest Christian Churches in the region, located at the corner of the Niagara Parkway and Zimmerman Avenue.

Enchanted of Disney Displays 
 You won't want to miss the chance to photograph the extremely popular Enchantment of Disney animated lighting displays. These depict long loved Disney Classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, Fantasia - The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Winnie the Pooh and Tinker Bell. The next generation of Disney® lovers' will fall in love with it's newest classics like Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King. The Enchantment of Disney® displays are truly a magical family affair that create memories across many generations! n total, there are 20 Enchantment of Disney displays located within Queen Victoria Park at the bottom of Murray Hill.
Disney's® Tinkerbell
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Goof Troop

Displays in the City the Lundy’s Lane 
Tourist area transforms into Candy Cane Lane with candy cane displays and lamppost illuminations while the Fallsview tourist area has added spectacular 12’ lamppost illuminations along Fallsview Boulevard.  Meanwhile, Downtown is undergoing a massive redevelopment, adding LED lights to the trees along Queen Street to complement the illuminations found within Centennial Square.  Various buildings along Queens Street will also be festively decorated.  Lastly, you can also enjoy the illumination of Cummington Square in Chippawa.


  1. The Horseshoe Falls make me proud and happy to be Canadian. Hehe! Truly a majestic creation of God that never fails to amaze me no matter how many times I've seen :)

  2. So true :) they really do a lot of work to make the Canadian side a best tourist spot of Niagara Falls.


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