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Thursday, May 10, 2012
I took my husband to Corregidor Island last April 2010 and one of the best days of our visit to Manila. Leaving from the Manila Bay waterfront via Sun Cruises, the ferry ride is about an hour long, and includes a thorough history lesson of the island fortress. When we arrived to the island we were instructed to board one of the tour buses. Conducted in Filipino, English, and Japanese; you were assigned to a tram based on your language. It was a quick tour; no time was wasted as we went to the historical places and memorials. 

First stop at the port, Battery Way, Topside (aka “Mile Long”) Barracks, The eternal flame, The War Memorial, The Corregidor Cinema, The Spanish Lighthouse, by 1pm we proceed to the Main base for our Buffet Lunch. After that is the Malinta tunnel famous for light and sound show. We met up with the bus at the other end and preceded to a Japanese memorial, on the way, we were greeted by General Douglas McArthur himself. 

Then again, I was more fascinated by the guns. We then proceeded to a Filipino Memorial then Japanese Memorial. The tour does a good job of describing the island's pre-war history and its part in World War II. Around 4:30 pm back to Manila.

Corregidor - The Tadpole Shaped Island

Topside (aka “Mile Long”) Barracks

super ferry boat
Island tour Bus
The Spanish Lighthouse
The Battery Way
Pacific War Memorial 
Japanese Memorial


  1. I'm from that province sis but my Corregidor experience was too long ago, I almost cant' remember na lol. I think it's about time for a re-visit.

    seems like you enjoyed your historical tour!

  2. Have been there with my husband, mother-in-law and three daughters last 2004. Nice place and dami akong natutunan about the history:)

  3. @Balut love your province sis plan your next visit na with your kiddos :)

  4. @Jono hey Jono, thanks for the visit, I'm envy on your awesome photography!

  5. Am always planning to go to Corregidor but never got the chance, hays kalungkot. Ganda ng place, Ganda ng photos, rich in history pa. BTW, CI is part of Cavite & not Bataan. :)

  6. Wow! thanks sa mga pics... atleast di man ako nakapunta eh nakita ko ang ilang kagandahan ng lugar..

    Napaka historical ng place...

    Keep on posting ^_^


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