French Gothic style Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Saturday, June 11, 2016
I'm so excited to share our wonderful  3-days trip in Savannah, Georgia. Finally I got a chance to upload all our photos and I'm in the mood of writing a blog post. To me Savannah is a city like no other. Whether you are strolling in Forsyth Park, discovering the historic squares on a horse-drawn buggy tour or venturing out to see what the locals do — Savannah is such a beautiful city.  Let me take you to the oldest Roman Catholic church in Georgia.

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

222 East Harris Street 
Savannah, GA 31401 
This beautiful and historical Catholic Cathedral is reminiscent of European Churches

We aren't Catholic and didn't really know anything about it, but it looks neat from the outside so we decided to go in. Self service tour is free and welcomed except during worship services.

Brief  history: This French Gothic Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is home to the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Georgia. Designed by Baldwin and Price in the 1870s, the original building was nearly destroyed by fire in 1898, but it was immediately rebuilt using the original plans.

Beautiful cathedral

Looking back towards the organ pipe simply stunning!

 Elegant Organ Pipe the details of everything are impeccable.

The alter and the stations of the Cross.

 From the window glass and the teal blue colors of the ceiling, this place is exquisite.

The glass work and carvings are amazing.

 It's an uplifting experience! Happy we got to check it out!


  1. They have one of these in Atlanta where I live and I have never been in one because the parking is a nightmare but I would love to see the details in the architecture I think it's so beautiful

  2. OMG! This Cathedral is Beautiful! This is a place where you feel that your imagination will run wild and you pencil down all kinds of stores. Actually, it reminds me of the Castle at Disney a little bit. You took some wonderful pictures and I love the carvings of the statues.

  3. We have traveled to Paris, Spain and Germany - some of my favorite things to do and see when traveling abroad is to see the cathedrals This one looks so familiar to me! So beautiful!!

  4. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful. i love the colors. I have always wanted to photograph churches. There are so many beautiful ones here in Michigan. I would love to travel and see what others I can find.

  5. The Cathedral is breathtaking, it's really worth the trip. I'm glad you had a great time visiting such a lovely place!

  6. Wow, this is quite a cathedral! I'm sure it's definitely worth a trip to see it in person! The photos are amazing. I can only imagine how it is to see it in person.

  7. This French Gothic style cathedral is stunningly beautiful! This is one of the amazing things you can do when you travel, visit centuries old structures and be astounded by their towering site. Good thing they were able to rebuilt this grand church after the fire.

  8. What a beautiful church! Those stained glass windows are awesome! I would want to visit this church sometime. Thank you for the virtual trip inside. Stunning!

  9. Georgia is one of those places that I would really, really, love to visit sometime soon! For sure it's an off the beaten path destination and the photos you took shows how interesting this place is :D

  10. Wow, the intricate details of that cgurcg is forgeous. Even the interior is beautiful!

  11. Wow. Your pictures are absolutely stunning. I can't imagine what it would be like to be standing there experiencing it all first hand. I didn't realize that Savannah had buildings like this! I'd love to travel there and see them!

  12. I keep coming across these travel posts, and everyone seems to be going to (or has been) to some of my favourite places or places on my bucket list! I visit a friend in Atlanta a few times a year and always want to take a weekend trip to Savannah!

  13. Love the church, I've always fascinated with those kind of cathedral..

  14. Oh we love Cathedral visiting. We have a few in our city that are worth the drive to photograph and take in. Savanah sounds like a great place to visit.

  15. I adore Church and Cathedral architecture!! It's so grand in scale and the details that were given to each piece, color, shape are breathtaking.


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