Miramar Beach Florida

Sunday, October 25, 2015
We just love summer days. Our  last beach vacation for 2015 was a blast , the Florida beach was amazing! It's been a month now and I'm already having withdrawals. We must go back soon! Next year we are planning to spend most of our time at the beach. 

A day at the Beach
Lovers by the Sea

There is nothing more calming than the sounds of the waves hitting the beach. I always forget all my worries behind when my feet are in the sand. The sand in Miramar beach (Destin, FL) is perfect, almost snow-like  and the crystal clear water (most of the time), the beaches are a little piece of heaven.

Shore is fun

Walkin’ in the sand

The Wonder Of Waves  - my personal definition of water bed :)

Catching Waves

As relaxing as a day at the Beach

Lastly, we went dinner at Pompano Joe's , we were fortunate to get an outside deck table so the views of the ocean were worth the slightly overpriced menu of average food but its a Destin destination so its worth it to visit once.  People were friendly,  and good service. 

Oceanfront restaurant


  1. You guys are so cute . So glad to see you guys having fun all the time.

  2. Looks like you made the most out of your last day! The beach is awesome and so clean. You look so happy!

  3. Wow! ang ganda ng beach. Sad lang na hindi ko hilig maligo sa beach. Florida, God willing makakapunta kami riyan.

  4. I love that white sand and its not crowded too.sigh.....hope I can go there...

  5. wow!!! so lucky of you to be in that state, i've been longing to be at the beach myself since my last visit in the Phils.

  6. That is a lovely beach. I love the white sand, it is really like snow, just as you said. I too, am a beach person, although I have not been to any body of water in the longest time!

  7. Paradise that is Sis. I LOVED all your photos. The view is gorgeous. Florida still in my bucket list.

  8. What a fun time for sweet lovers at the beach! We love going to the beach, too. We hope to visit one again soon.


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