3 Reasons A Nautical Adventure May Be Right For You

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

When trying to arrange our adventures abroad, we often think of images that relate to us in the most obvious ways. It might be that vacations for you mean laying on a beach with golden shores, sipping on a Margarita while watching your children building sandcastles. You may find yourself interested in skiing down the advanced slopes of Canada, or even perhaps hiking across a land mass for some personal meditative peace.

Visit the Twin Falls at Rock Island State Park

Saturday, August 11, 2018
This scenic and tranquil setting nestled along the Caney Fork River is a wonder of nature.  Rock Island State Park is one of my favorite places to visit in Middle Tennessee.  This state park offers a campground, picnic areas, hiking trails and waterfalls.  There's  few trails in Rock Island:  the area by the Great Falls, the Downstream Trail  and  the Upstream Trail with view of the Twin Falls which is what we did.  Although the upstream trail is an easy walk from the observation area the stream is rocky so you have to be careful getting in.

Planet Earth has countless jaw-dropping landscapes, but of all its stunning scenery, waterfalls are the most impressive.
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