Back to the Beach in Destin Florida

Monday, October 16, 2017
This is our third visit, and still the best place to stay in Destin. Located on Florida’s Emerald Coast, which gets its name from its beautiful, clear green water. Beaches here have extremely fine, soft sand, so if you’re a beach-walker or your kids enjoy building sand castles, this could be a great family destination. 

Here are some tips for you all: 

  • If you come to Destin in March or April, keep in mind that it's high season — prices are higher, and it tends to be noisier and more crowded.
  • If you come in July - August the temperature is in high 90's.
  • Remember to wear comfortable footwear and clothing, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, and use sunscreen.
  • If you want to avoid peak season, October and November are quieter months. During low season, restaurants and attractions stay open and keep normal hours.

The best days are the B.E.A.C.H. days!

Previewing Your Weekend Getaway Accommodations Online

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Living in a busy, crowded, noisy, and dirty urban environment can take its toll on your sanity.  After weeks upon end of fighting traffic, working long hours, and surrounding yourself with clutter and pollution, you may be ready to make an escape for the woods.  

However, you cannot afford to take time off work during the work week to inspect and tour the inside and outside of the resort you want to stay at for a weekend or longer.  You can get the preview you want and schedule your overnight, Beavers Bend Reservation, weekend stay, honeymoon, or other visit by visiting the resort's website today.

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