Savannah's Historic District

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
This historic district  is undoubtedly the biggest draw for people to come to Savannah, known as a city with a rich history.  It is said that Savannah is the most haunted city in America as for me the most beautiful city I have ever been. We started at Forsythe Park and zig-zag our way through all of the squares. We love the city,  it looks like everyone is really doing a great job preserving historical architecture. Lots of stuff to see like - really old architectures/houses, shops and restaurants.

Unfortunately we needed more time to see it all. But we really enjoyed walking around Historical Savannah. Everyone needs to visit the Historic district in Savannah. There is something to learn on every street.

Savannah City Hall Dome is the most distinctive building in town with its clock-tower topped with a gold dome and a towering American flag.  The dome was historically copper, but was coated in gold leaf as recently as 1987.

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