Visit the McCloud Restaurant and Lodge

Sunday, July 15, 2018
It's our first time at McCloud Restaurant in LaFollette, Tennessee.  We had no idea that you have to make a reservation.  You cannot drive the road going to the mountain  unless you have reservations at the restaurant or to their lodge.  From the public highway it is a two plus mile drive on a paved two lane private road.  At first I was apprehensive about going to eat somewhere that requires a reservation. My assumption was that it would be high society, minimum dress code required, with a menu I can’t pronounce and prices I couldn’t afford. Turns out that I was completely wrong. The food is average, but the view is what really makes this place. 

There is a gate guard at the bottom of the mountain. The process is -- you call the restaurant phone number to make reservation. They will ask your name, telephone number, and how many in your party. They will alert the guard that you are coming and when.  But in our case since it was a last minute plan we ask if there is an available spot for us.  Luckily there is, since the restaurant wasn't too busy that day they let us check  in without any reservation.

Visit Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

Sunday, July 8, 2018
We like to visit State Parks and  recently we made a trip to Homosassa Springs State Park at Crystal River, Florida.  This park is a true crown jewel in the collection of Florida state parks. Homosassa and Weeki Wachee and Silver Springs are the three parks that are much more than a nature center and playground. Homosassa is a tourist destination and basically a mini theme park for rehabilitative native Florida species.

I am not a big fan of zoo's.  I feel like animals should not be taken from their natural environment to begin with, made it perform, and then confined to a tiny space. Animals deserve to be in their natural habitat.  However, I support sanctuaries and wildlife preserves just like this park.  It is created to rehabilitate and heal animals. Most of them are unable to survive on their own in the wild. So they are given a comfortable and safe environment at Homosassa Springs.

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