Lincoln Memorial

   No visit to Washington DC is complete without seeing this monument. Standing in front of Lincoln's statue feels like an honor. It's majestic and imposing and all. I love reading the text from Lincoln's second inaugural address inscribed on the right wall.It will make you feel grateful to have learned about this incredible man and time he lived in. The reflecting pool was empty when we went but we were able to take some great pictures by the memorial. Very impressive architecture. A lot of walking but at the end of the day it was time to call it a day and learning more about Lincoln.

Arizona Scenic road trips

   Finally I got a chance to check my travel blog, i feel bad lately that I wasn't been able to update it due to my busy schedule and crappy weather. We just stayed home pretty much this recent winter. Because were still busy settling down to our new place. And save as much time off as we need for our up coming road trip this coming Summer of 2014.Today I would like to share few photos of our great trips to Arizona. As we will visiting this sunny desert State again in exactly six weeks. We were thinking driving from Tennessee , Oklahoma, New Mexico , Texas then to Arizona. A good time to start our summer in a rocky desert.

What you see is the longest Colorado River

  This rivers supplies water in West Coast such as Arizona, Nevada, California and more. Such a joy to see this in person as we all know in desert water can be very limited. 

Joshua Tree as we explore this beautiful state we see more beautiful views that we haven't seen from other State

Tips for Train Travel

Traveling by train can be a wonderful experience; getting to enjoy scenery as you travel across the state or region without having to worry about the hassle of navigating yourself makes train travel enjoyable for many. If you are planning a train trip for the first time in the near future, however, you may be wondering how you can best prepare. There are some tips you may want to keep in mind to ensure the best train experience.

For starters, you should consider how long your train ride will be. Will it be an overnight ride or just a couple of hours? If the ride will happen overnight, be sure that you pack a pillow and some blankets for additional comfort. Furthermore, you should inquire with the train company as to whether or not food will be provided during your ride; some trains will have a dinner car on longer rides, whereas others may have a small snack offering. You may want to consider bringing your own snacks as well.

Furthermore, make sure that you arrive at the train station early. Trains will not wait on passengers to arrive, as they are on a strict time schedule. To be safe, it is generally recommended that you show up to the train station at least a half an hour early. If you need to purchase tickets on the spot, make it an hour early. Furthermore, consider picking up a traveling guide to assist you in making the most of your trip.

The Observation Tower of Clingman's Dome

   This is my second post for our Clingman's Dome experience at the Great Smoky Mountain. From the time we move to Tennessee we became a fond of hiking. We hike pretty much on local trails near to we're we live. We were looking forward to some hiking in the mountains and wanted a challenge. Looked over maps and chose the Appalachian Trail which picks up just below Clingman's Dome. The views, trail and scenery did not disappoint us. The amazing change in weather from the bottom to the top was like watching fall turn to winter in an hour. Leaves were blowing everywhere, clouds were coming up the side of the mountain and surrounding us. The temperature dropped to 42 F from 68 F at the bottom. It was ominous and gorgeous all at once. We parked at the top for the walk to the dome. The wind was gusting up to 30-35 MPH, felt like a cold tropical storm. The top was covered in clouds, amazing! This is a wide paved trail that goes up steeply in spots. The air was quite thin for us too. We hiked for almost 2 hours including the stay at the top, an amazing experience.

Where to Lay Your Head in Barcelona

It’s no secret; Barcelona is one of those dream vacation destinations that wanderlusts would typically have on their list. With its status as a worldwide leader in arts, entertainment, media, architecture and more, one just couldn’t help but be drawn into the city that’s seemingly bursting with charm, vivacity, and substance. And it also doesn’t help that photos of the astounding works of the great Antoni Gaudi are everywhere on magazines, blogs, and on television; whispers about the exotic Las Ramblas beach experience also haven’t escaped your ears. It just can’t be denied that even from the far-flung nook that you are in right now, Barcelona is worth a visit.

Make haste, but don’t waste
And while the fact alone that you are heading for a holiday in Barcelona is in itself overwhelming, you should never shrug off the responsibility of finding a home for your stay there. This city has landed the sixteenth spot in the world’s most visited cities, and fourth among other European cities, so expect that you will be battling it out not with tens, hundreds, and not even thousands, but millions of other travelers. Searching for a reasonably priced, decent apartment or hotel in Barcelona can be quite a challenge.

Finding a barrio
The greatest challenge, though, can be finding a barrio in which you can rent. This particularly applies to travelers who don’t have a full, clear idea of where to go and what to see and do while in Barcelona. The following are brief descriptions that might help in your choosing a barrio to call home in Barcelona:

El raval
This is the community where many Asian and Pakistani immigrants have found new homes. Generally food is exotic and cheap, and quaint little bars also abound the area. If you are not into upscale travel adventures and would appreciate hole-in-the-wall discoveries more, then this is the place for you.

El borne
Commonly a favorite among expats, this community is teeming with upscale restaurants, bars, and other establishments. It occupies a large area and has more choices when it comes to apartments, flats, and vacation rental properties. You can check out if you would like to see some of the available properties that you can possibly rent in this barrio.

Now, this would be the beach lover’s pick. Located near the beach, where a fishing community is also thriving, this barrio offers a much more rustic vacation experience where you will be living among laid-back expats and immigrants.

This is everybody’s favorite barrio and it has the eccentric boutiques, charming little bars, and modern entertainment hubs to thank for. It is culturally interesting place where you will usually see artists, hipsters, musicians, locals, tourists, and practically everyone else coming from places outside Barcelona. It has newly renovated lofts that tourists often find in delight, cinema houses, and beautiful plazas. This is the most dynamic area of the city, and is farthest from the beach.

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