Loboc River Cruise

Friday, February 5, 2016
On arrival at our hotel in Panglao Islands, we were introduced to a local guide whom we hired for the day to show us around the sights of Bohol. One attraction he recommended was the River Cruise from Loboc in the south of Bohol Island. Loboc River is one of top destinations in the island province of Bohol, aside from the Chocolate Hills and its Tarsiers. The town of Loboc  is about 30 minutes ride from the city of Tagbilaran where the Tagbilaran Airport is located. 

The ride was so refreshing and the view is breathtaking. The "eat all you can" buffet had a fair selection of Filipino food, although the quality was not exceptional. The length of time of travel  is ok and the weather was perfect. Through the river it stopped at a floating hut where you watch a group of kids playing their guitars for us, singing and dancing. I found them entertaining and reflecting the people and the culture there. My husband and I  really enjoyed that part!

The river and surrounding beautiful tropical rain forest scenery.

Fort Huachuca's historical gem

Saturday, January 23, 2016
We stopped by to Fort Huachuca during our West Coast road trip. I wasn't sure what to expect but I found myself thoroughly engaged to this military base. It is well worth the trip and driving around Fort Huachuca was an interesting experience as well as I've never been on an active base before. Because of the Fort’s active military status it is necessary to stop at the gate before entering to visit the museums. The visitor will be asked to show a picture ID such  as a driver’s license, as well as vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Fort Huachuca is located off Arizona State Route 90, twenty-nine miles south of the intersection of State Route 90 and Interstate 10, near Benson, Arizona.

Scenic area within Fort Huachuca
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