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Thursday, August 4, 2016
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Opening a Meineke franchise in your town is a great way to make money for yourself and help others. However, it is important to ensure that you do things the right way if you want to succeed. The following three tips will help you make your franchise a success.

Follow Your Contract

Each franchisee must sign a contract with Meineke when they are awarded their franchise. In the contract is a list of things you can and cannot do with your franchise. You should always ensure that you follow these guidelines to the letter. If you have questions about the contents of the contract, don't just act now and get clarification letter. Speak to your attorney or your franchise representative and get clarification before you do anything. This will save you tons of stress (and money) in the long run.

Treat It Like a Business

Your franchise is obviously a viable business. However, some franchisees get in trouble when they fail to treat their business as what it is. Hold yourself to high standards. If you aren't there during all of the hours your shop is open, you should keep regular office hours at a minimum. This will give you a presence with your employees and customers and show that you are engaged and you care about the welfare of your business and those you deal with on a daily basis. Keep meticulous records so you have copies of documents to refer to if there is ever a question about daily operations. Attend seminars and online training that will help you grow your business and become successful.

Pay Attention to Employee Morale

This is one area that often falls by the wayside in the course of daily business. Franchise owners are so busy increasing profits, bringing in new clients, reaching out to current clients and growing their profit margins that they forget about the most important aspect of their business. Pay close attention to employee morale. Recruit and hire quality, dedicated employees. Perform regular reviews on your employees and reward them when warranted. If you can, host events like family picnics and employee get-togethers to increase morale. This will improve working conditions, keep your employees happy and help reduce turnover among employees. All of these things will equate to less hassle and less expense for you when you can employ a stable workforce of dedicated team members. 


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