Arizona Scenic road trips

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Finally I got a chance to check my travel blog, i feel bad lately that I wasn't been able to update it due to my busy schedule and crappy weather. We just stayed home pretty much this recent winter. Because were still busy settling down to our new place. And save as much time off as we need for our up coming road trip this coming Summer of 2014.Today I would like to share few photos of our great trips to Arizona. As we will visiting this sunny desert State again in exactly six weeks. We were thinking driving from Tennessee , Oklahoma, New Mexico , Texas then to Arizona. A good time to start our summer in a rocky desert.

What you see is the longest Colorado River
This rivers supplies water in West Coast such as Arizona, Nevada, California and more. Such a joy to see this in person as we all know in desert water can be very limited. 

Joshua Tree as we explore this beautiful state we see more beautiful views that we haven't seen from other State


  1. nice places, it seems to have a nice view and wide space...

  2. I haven't been to Arizona, but my husband had been there before. And the Grand Canyon. It is one of the places/states that we will be visiting someday. Someday! :) Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

  3. Beautiful views sis. Glad that your hubs is into photo opp.

  4. so beautiful!!! I love the landscapes. I enjoy road trips too.

  5. I have a friend in Arizona and would love to see her and explore the state too.

  6. I do love road trips too, I get to see and enjoy the beautiful views along the way. Enjoy your upcoming road trip Leah...and take care, too. :)

    1. Thanks Tal thanks for stopping by , sorry for the late reply I will try my best to visit everyone's blog again. Life too busy nowadays. Send my regards to everyone :)


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