The Joy of Camping

Friday, March 8, 2013
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Spring is coming, I've been looking forward to spring for months. The warmer breezes, the sun will begin to heat the earth, flowers are bursting into bloom and animals are awakening. Restless to get back into the great outdoors and do a bit of camping. We were dying to load up our pack and head off into the wilderness. One of my favorite things about camping is the fact that it crosses so many division. Weather they are generations or races. We're all the same when we hit the wilderness all humble visitors. Camping is a blast. It is one of the most relaxing ways to spend free time. And its a great way to get away from  our stressful job and thinking about our life situation.  Its so easy to go camping for a weekend and forget all our problems and spend quality time with family.

For years we we're planning about how to make our camping experience be more enjoyable. And we come up with so many ideas - such as saving some money in the near future to buy RV and/or Boat. I guess it will be fun when you can go fishing using your boat , have your own bathroom at your RV and go set-up your tent at the same time. Oh my now I am dreaming ha ha! Anyway, are you planning for your next great camping trip? You're not alone. Tips On Trips And Camps seem to be popular than ever with traveler taking greener, back to nature and budget holidays. Now that summer is fast approaching and the vacation season is heating up. Travelers all over the country are looking for the perfect spots to relax and unwind. Better plan it early than late. 

My dream RV :)
I'm loving this living room/kitchen

The Boat we're kinda looking for


  1. How I wish we could afford to buy one of these. Same here,Leah, I am looking forward for spring, I have enough this cold weather.

  2. Wow Miss Leah :)

    Malapit na rin pala ang summer season jan. Dito din sa Pinas, start na ng long and scorching summer season.

    Camping, never ko pang na-experience na mag-camping with my family sa isang wilderness. Pero I already experienced yung camping na ginawa namin noon sa Jamboree ng Boy Scouts hehe. Masaya yung may bonfire then mag-iihaw kayo ng hotdogs/mallows :))

  3. That's sound like fun! I can't wait for spring too!! I never been experience camping, its sound so exciting maybe one day..:)

  4. love the pics!

  5. We only camp at our backyard lol. These are luxurious camping rides!


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