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Thursday, March 14, 2013
When the winter months hit in certain areas of the United States, the birds begin to fly south and head towards Florida, which is the lowest and warmest point of the United States. It isn't just the birds that are migrating southward though. People do the same thing. There are several reasons that people make this yearly trip in the winter months to spend time in Florida. The most common reason is that it is just warmer in Florida than it is in the northern states. However it gets a little chilly in Florida too, but it isn't anything compared to what you would get if you lives in North. People don't really like to deal with it especially old people. The winter weather is one of the reasons that people migrate to Florida. They want to avoid all the problems with the snow and ice. Fighting the snow and ice when you have to drive somewhere is not fun. This isn't a problem in Florida. Who wouldn't want to get away from all that nasty winter weather?

Last spring break my husband and I had a short trip to Tampa Florida. We went to Clearwater beach  which has a high remarks for its location, only half hour from Tampa and less than an hour and a half from Orlando, an easy day trip to visit Disney World. But Clearwater wouldn’t be Clearwater without its beach. Sparkling white sands flow into the Gulf of Mexico, and a million makeover of the Beach Walk allows people to rollerblade, skateboard, eat and stroll a meandering pathway while enjoying incredible views of the ocean. We love this vacation so much , because of the warmth and it is a relaxing atmosphere in many parts of Florida. Florida is a very different place than the southern states. It is like being in a completely different world. That is why people spend their winters in Florida. I believe these is just some of the reason that people migrate to Florida during the winter months. The beautiful beaches food and the weather. I can't wait until our retirement age and find a condo in Florida to enjoy our later days.  

Location: 1 Causeway Blvd Clearwater, Florida 33767

The sparkling white sand of Clearwater beach Florida

Its me being comfy :p

My man enjoying being bare foot


  1. HI There, I lived in Florida for awhile (first Venice and then Jacksonville)... We called the winter visitors "Snowbirds"... ha ha ---BUT they do help the economy in Florida!!!!!

    I never liked living down there. I missed the 4 seasons too much.

    Great pictures of you and your man.

  2. wow nice beach front :))

    tuwing naririnig ko ang salitang Florida, lagi kong naalala ang Backstreet Boys haha!

  3. I never been to Florida, but I heard a lot of good stuff about it. the beach look so nice Girl, I can't wait to visit the Sunshine State someday:)

  4. Good thing you can enjoy white beach din jan sis :) and you looking so sexy ha hmn...

    bago na naman template mo ah :)))

  5. Nice beach and beautiful photos.

  6. nice beach but too crowded for me, I like beaches na di masyado crowded kase. ;)

  7. i love your tan. ;-) i have a friend living in florida.

  8. super love the beach and the white sand is fantastic..:)


  9. Hi There! Living in the South, a trip to Florida during Spring Break and the summer was a must for our family. Love love love Tampa and Miami.


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