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Sunday, August 26, 2012
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I was born and raised in Philippines, I learned English as a second language while attending in our local school.  Moving to an English speaking country is like recovering eyesight. Sometimes making friends is really hard; a lot harder than they had considered. You are in an entirely different culture, with different mentalities and people treat one another differently. This is one of the major reasons that immigrants embrace one community instead of local friends; they simply relate to those other foreigners more. It’s important to try to adapt yourself and keep an open mind. Stop judging them by your standards! Being an immigrant myself, I do think by obliging immigrants to learn English before naturalization is necessary. Immigrants are also particularly vulnerable in a new environment, so it’s even more important for them to know the local language before choosing a country as their homeland so they can be well-versed in their rights and the laws protecting them.

Learning other language is an advantage too. Nowadays, many companies operate globally; bilingual jobs in call centers are common. Bilingual job seekers are currently high in demand. Because the supply does not meet the demand, companies are willing to pay bilingual employees more money as an incentive to keep them with the company. Before I arrive to United States, I thought I couldn’t do it, but one day I put all the excuses to one side and just spoke it. Speaking a language from day one is the ‘secret’ to being able to learn it quicker and at any age. Anyone can learn other language. I have known this translations services for giving high-quality document translations and has been chosen by most major companies everywhere. I have not been a customer of this agency yet, but I have a friend who works for a law firm and that friend of mine said they always use this services. She does recommend this agency to anyone looking for a fast and good value.

   Below are the photo's of the cities I’ve been visiting in over the last years. 

Downtown Toronto Skyline (Canada)
Erie Basin Marina: Downtown Buffalo (New York)

Downtown Las Vegas strips (Nevada)

Downtown Knoxville (Tennessee)


  1. I can relate much about adapting oneself to a new environment, people, food, culture and language.. so much hard ugh! (sabay pukpok sa dibdib at pahid ng tears). Lucky you, they speak English and not Norwegian hahah.. nosebleed!

  2. wow I love your travel pictures. It makes me hope that someday I can go and explore places that I have never been to

  3. thank you for the pictures..i love to travel but finances (and obligations) always get in the way..maybe someday :)

  4. Great shots, wish I could explore the places you have been. Keep posting. Thanks for sharing your experience

  5. I totally agree to you, moving to other country is a learning process. Love your photos you and your husband are such a traveler :)

  6. I agree with you too, but just gracie said, you are lucky that they speak english there. Dito, we have to learn a totally new language and nakakapilipit ng dila. hi hi. Katulad nito, dahil sa blog at english parati gamit, pati norwegian nag stagnate na rin. hi hi
    Anyway, yoy have nice pictures and thanks for sharing them. Thanks for visiting too!


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